Technology is shaping the future of businesses and having a strong IT team can help you scale your business infrastructure and work more efficiently. However, most IT teams are always stuck dealing with a backlog of administrative and manual tasks laid on them by other departments. Automation can help IT teams navigate repetitive tasks and reduce manual intervention, this allows your IT personnel to focus on more strategic tasks and resolve issues faster.

Here are 4 Ways Automation Can Accelerate Problem Solving For IT Teams

1. Automate ticket triaging: IT teams can free up a lot of time by automating ticket triaging. Ticket triaging is the process of filtering through all tickets raised and tagging them based on urgency and type, and assigning them to a personnel to be resolved. By using AI, you can automate this process and save time spent organizing, allowing IT teams to resolve issues faster.

Benefits of using this workflow

  • No need to manually sort, organize and route tickets.
  • Increased productivity since issues are directly sent to the correct point of contact.
  • Identifying trends with upcoming issues and resolving them in a batch.

2. Secure employee onboarding and offboarding process: The process of initiating a new employee and signing off an ex employee is always a joint responsibility falling on HR and IT teams. Since the process is highly repetitive in nature, it’s one that can be automated.

Benefits of using this workflow

  • Provide employees with a smooth onboarding and offboarding process by automating access to accounts.
  • Update your payroll and finance.
  • Save time spent on sending out approvals and collecting reports.

3. Escalate issues in apps you use: All your business teams might be in Slack whereas your developers or IT team prefer Jira. With the variety of applications, each team has its own preference for managing their daily tasks. Automation can help you connect your data, allowing teams to continue using applications of their choice.

Benefits of using this workflow

  • Allows teams to work seamlessly.
  • Saves the time spent switching between applications.

4. Providing chatbot related assistance: Repetitive bugs and issues can often be resolved by individuals and don’t really require the individual attention of an IT personnel. With automation you can provide your employees with help desk assistance within the task manager itself to navigate through common issues and queries.

Benefits of using this workflow

  • Allows IT teams to focus on more strategic issues.
  • Quicker problem solving as employees can instantly seek a solution for their issues.

Faster operations, cost saving, reduced errors and better security are just some of the advantages of using automation to accelerate and enhance your businesses IT operations. Get in touch with Quickwork to know more about automating your workflows.