When you think of surveys, what’s the first thing that pops right into your mind? A string of lengthy, confusing or after a point dull format of questions you’re being made to answer for some god forsaken reason, right? Typeform swooped right into the market to change this perception!

Typeform looks at creating surveys as a creative job. Which is fair, because keeping people engaged is an artform and with their dynamic themes, creative layouts, engaging animations, and freedom they’re changing the nature of collecting data for the better.

A Quick Q&A To Help You Make The Most Out Of Typeform

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Even if your answer was no, don’t you think it’s high time we started making surveys that don’t look like a giant MCQ surprise test sprung on us by a teacher? How you ask matters, and that’s why Typeform allows you to create dynamic and fun surveys. The key to acing them lies in understanding your audience. Think like your audience, think what they would enjoy filling and accordingly design your form. You don’t have to use loud animation or distraction transitions, you just need to think what your audience would like and create accordingly.

2. Have you felt like you couldn’t find what you’re looking for in Typeform?

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Well if it’s a NO it still might be useful, but if you’ve ever felt like you couldn’t find a design that you really like or you can’t achieve what you’re looking for with the basic interface that Typeform is offering then keep reading.

Integrate Typeform with Canva and get access to over thousands of readymade templates to use and create more creative and personalised surveys.
Use the Typeform Create API to build, edit, and revamp themes for Typeform from scratch, don’t depend on the Typeform builder start creating what you want and get it exactly the way you want it.

3. Are you looking for a way to systematically explore the results of your survey?

  • Yes
  • Who isn’t
  • Tell us already

If you agree with any of these options, integration’s the way to go. Integrate Typeform with Google Sheets, Airtable or any data collection application and directly receive your information in a place where you can easily collate and share the responses. Typeform APIs even allow you to access the responses in JSON format without webhooks or any third party applications, this means you can directly convert it into a code friendly format to update records in legacy frameworks.

4. Do you want tips on how you can use Typeform to grow your business?

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Integrate with applications like Salesforce, Facebook Pixel, Pipedrive, Google Tag Manager and other marketing/sales oriented applications in your toolkit to capture leads, gain insights, and understand your analytics better.

5. Would you like people to fill out everything on your website itself?

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You can directly embed your Typeform into your website or web application using their API. We’d be happy to help set this up for you.

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If you enjoyed reading this, and would like to know more about integrations and automating Typeform with other applications based on your needs. Get in touch with us, and we’ll help you build a Journey that matches all your needs.

Also we weren’t kidding, we really do want to know your answer to everything, so if you have a minute, click here.