Messy desktop screens, unorganised paperwork, scanning through large piles of files is annoying, time-consuming and distracting. The more seamless your workflow becomes, the easier it gets for you to execute your work in a timely and hassle free manner making it not only more efficient but also enjoyable for you. Here’s an organised list of pre-built Quickwork Journeys from our Journey Store that will help you stay at the top of your game.

Journey’s For Marketeers

  • Market Research: Marketing as a department never works alone, you aim to represent the entire business and hence you’re constantly involved in research be it extracting information from within the company or conducting primary market research to get better insights. Here’s how one of the pre-built Journeys can help you get more organised.
Apps Involved: Typeform-PDF Otter-Gmail
Steps involved in this Journey
  1. When a user fills a form in Typeform it gets triggered and is sent to PDF Otter
  2. PDF Otter fills form details and values into a PDF template as an action
  3. As the last action you receive a compiled PDF as an email in your Gmail account.
How does this Journey help you as a user?

As a user this journey helps you organise your research in a more hassle free manner. It streamlines the process for conducting market research, or receiving proper content briefs from different departments. This is also super convenient for you, since a collected PDF of all the results is sent directly to your mail, ready for you to read or share as is with your team.

  • Automating your audience reach: Be it newsletter, an achievement or your latest blog post, as a marketeer getting your voice out to your customers is really essential, here’s a pre built Journey that can make this task easier.
Apps Involved: Stripe-Mailchimp 
Steps involved in this Journey
  1. Anytime a new customer makes a payment through Stripe it will create a trigger.
  2. As an action the details of these new customers gets added to your Mailchimp.
How does this Journey help you as a user?

Your database is automatically increasing and this helps you reach out to a wider audience via Mailchimp saving you the time to track and add the details of each new customer manually.

  • Never miss a notification: Being active on social media comes with the job, but it’s easy to get lost in notifications. Here’s a Journey that will help you stay on top of your notifications.
Apps Involved: Facebook Messenger-Google Sheets-WhatsApp
Steps involved in this Journey
  1. Every new message you receive on your Facebook Messenger will send a Trigger
  2. This trigger is received and processed via Google Sheets via cell queries
  3. Once processed you will receive the same message on WhatsApp, you can reply to the message on WhatsApp itself
  4. Your reply will directly be sent to your customer in the initial Facebook chat without you having to login to your Messenger
How does this Journey help you as a user?

Since you’re more likely to be active on WhatsApp than managing multiple Facebook Messenger accounts the risk of you replying late reduces. This Journey allows you to send messages in an organised and timely manner using WhatsApp which can help you engage with your audience better.

Journey’s To Support Customer Support

We are all well aware of how important the role of customer support is in maintaining a brand’s image. As someone in customer support you are the point of contact for customers and you act as the backbone supporting the brands image since you represent it. Here are a few pre-built Journey’s that will act as a backbone to help you avoid miscommunication internally, and help you stay more organised.

  • Keeping your customers up to date: Post sales your customers often have questions and need help/assistance. The more active you are in solving their issues, the better it is for you. Here’s a pre-built Journey that will help you stay more actively up to date with your customers queries.
Apps Involved: Google Sheets- WhatsApp
Steps involved in this Journey
  1. Anytime there’s a new pop up regarding your customers ticket a Trigger will be set
  2. This will get redirected as an action to Google Sheets where the pop up will get matched with your customer’s details
  3. Then your customer will be automatically updated about the change in their ticket through WhatsApp
How does this Journey help you as a user?

Your customers are automatically kept up to date with changes in their order or whatever their query might be with the help of this Journey. This allows you to help them out in real-time, and shows for good customer support.

  • Connect with your customers over WhatsApp: No one likes waiting, especially your customers! With some help from this pre-built Journey you can assist your customer’s instantly and help them shop on WhatsApp directly.
Apps Involved: WhatsApp by Gupshup- Dialogflow- Logger
Steps involved in this Journey
  1. Set receiving WhatsApp messages as a Trigger.
  2. Dialogflow will detect the requirements of the customer based on their message
  3. Based on these requirements it will either send a reply to your customer or scan through Google Sheets to send them an automated reply.
  4. If you make a bot assisted sale, you will be able to redirect your customer to a payment gateway like RazorPay.
  5. They can now make their payment or proceed to use your Shopping Bot for other queries.
How does this Journey help you as a user?

WhatsApp by Gupshup allows you to set up a shopping bot, this pre-built Journey allows you to guide your customers from simple queries to providing assistance in making a purchase through the help of a chatbot in a few simple clicks. This means your attention will only be required for more personal and intricate issues regarding assistance. Giving your customers an organised medium to solve their problems in a quick manner.

  • Let your customers know if you're not available: Oh if only you could have the privilege of having your shutter down, or turning that sign to Closed once you were off duty like a physical store. Well if you've ever felt this way,this Journey is made for you.
Apps Involved: Quickwork Chat-Logger
Steps involved in this Journey
  1. A Trigger is set anytime you receive a message in off business hours
  2. Using Logger you can set your business hours
  3. If the message is sent during an off hour your customer will be notified that you’re unavailable.
How does this Journey help you as a user?

You still have your customers query in your chat history with them to get back to once you’re available, this journey just helps you let your customers be aware if you are not going to be online to assist and avoids a situation where they’re left hanging.

Journey’s To Streamline Sales

As a salesperson, you don’t want to spend most of your time managing the paperwork and administrative tasks of your clients. You want to go out and increase your targets while ensuring your clients are also kept happy in the process. Organising the mundane and time-consuming tasks can help take the load off of you. Here are some pre-built Journey’s that can help you stay organised.

  • Raising Invoices: No we didn’t say raising voices, we said raising invoices. Raising voices is what happens when you don’t end up raising invoices on time or end up messing up with the payment details. So here’s a Journey that helps do the job of raising invoices for you.
Apps Involved: RazorPay-PDF Otter-Gmail
Steps involved in this Journey
  1. Whenever a payment is made through RazorPay a trigger will be set sending the details of the payment to PDF Otter
  2. Using PDF Otter an invoice is directly created in a templatized format as an action
  3. This PDF is then directly shared via Gmail with your client
How does this Journey help me as a user?

As a user this Journey automatically creates and sends invoices for you to your customers upon a payment. This frees your time up to focus on more important things like chasing new leads and reaching higher targets.

  • Sending Reminders to your clients: It’s important to chase your leads and sending them reminders to upcoming meetings, calls, events is a way of ensuring that your voice is not just heard but registered by your clients/leads. Here’s a Journey that can help you do this.
Apps Involved: Google Calendar-Google Contacts-SMS
Steps involved in this Journey
  1. You create an event on Google Calendar, this creates the Trigger
  2. Set an action of when you’d like to remind your clients or leads about the upcoming event
  3. A message is sent according to the time that you’ve set to your clients reminding them of the event on their phone number as an SMS.
How does this Journey help me as a user?

Clients or leads may forget about an upcoming event, and in the middle of all your own workload chances are you could forget to remind them as well. With the help of this Journey you can set a time for the reminder at the moment that you create the event, ensuring that there’s no chance of your forgetting to remind leads/clients.

  • Assigning sales executives to leads: The quicker you respond to leads the faster your chances are of closing the deal with them! There can often be confusion when it comes to approaching leads and as a sales manager, here’s a Journey you should make sure to check out as it helps in assigning leads in a more systematic manner.
Apps Involved: Salesforce-Clearbit-Slack-Logger
Steps involved in this Journey
  1. Whenever a new record is made in Salesforce regarding leads, a Trigger will be set
  2. Using Clearbit your leads contact details will be automatically recorded as an action
  3. This will then be logged in as a database using Logger
  4. Based on the conditions of your sales rep’s workload, a message is sent to Slack assigning the lead to the correct sales rep
How does this Journey help you as a user?

This Journey can help you organise your schedule by assisting in effective task management by taking into account the profiles of your sales representatives on Slack, their availability and coordinating that with the leads captured in Salesforce. It helps you streamline your leads.

  • Systematically organising your Leads:  Making sure your leads are systematically organised so you never lose track of them. This Journey can help you keep a track of them with the help of Google Sheets.
Apps Involved: Quickwork Chat-Google Sheets
Steps involved in this Journey
  1. Anytime you receive a new message through Quickwork Chat a Trigger will be set
  2. After the initial message let Quickwork Chat do the job of recording all the details of your new lead
  3. The recorded information is then directly transferred to a Google Sheet
How does this Journey help you as a user?

Allows you to keep a check on all the leads captured through Quickwork Chat on your website/messenger/platform of your choice and view it all in one place giving you single view access to all leads. As a sales rep or manager this helps you stay organised.

Building Your Journey To Automation

The Journeys listed above will help you in staying organised, these are just some of the ready made Journeys available for you to explore. Once you’ve gone through these, make sure to go through our Quickwork Journey Builder where you can dive into building your own journeys, or contact us to know about the endless possibilities available in the world of integration.