In a year full of uncertainties, businesses can turn to APIs to find some comfort and certainty. The pandemic has greatly affected the nature of work, with most companies shifting to a work from home model for the near future, the focus has shifted to digital. These unprecedented times have also given rise to the need for businesses showing flexibility and a lot of adapting to sustain. Every incident comes with its own lessons and learning’s and APIs are a key takeaway for any business looking to invest in a sustainable model to streamline their workflow.

The heavy focus on technology and digital in these times, makes APIs a smart investment to bank on. APIs allow businesses to scale quickly and with ease, they allow for businesses to redesign their model with a lot more flexibility. Here are a few ways businesses can benefit from APIs in these uncertain times.

  1. API led automation: This focuses on structuring your enterprise work model with an API first approach. In simple terms this means, making use of API friendly applications and working on cloud systems to allow for easy integration. An API led workflow model makes it easy for businesses to decide the scale they want to operate at, you can easily add and remove applications and data from your toolkit depending on your need. API led automation also leverages existing applications and decentralises the tech, making it accessible for each department to focus on building specialised workflows independently.
  2. Building a digital office/workstation: With most of the work happening digitally, individuals and companies turn to a dozen or more specialised applications to handle task specific work. Switching between these applications can become hectic. Keeping track of all your data across applications often leads to losing a track of your time, APIs help you connect your applications and data and build an ecosystem of applications. This allows for individuals and businesses to be able to view data with single view, in real time and on multiple devices at once. APIs can hence help businesses build a workflow enabling employees to seamlessly streamline and collaborate all their work digitally.
  3. Scale with ease: Updates are a nightmare when it comes to legacy systems; a lengthy ordeal requiring a full system update for simple additions that need to be added the process of scaling your legacy systems often ends up being rigid, time consuming and expensive. With APIs however scaling your business becomes second nature. APIs allow businesses to easily add and remove applications and data/cloud servers from their ecosystem. It allows for businesses to consistently improve over time, and makes it easier to make additions as the need arises. Many times businesses are able to meet their needs through third party applications that offer all the business features they’re looking for. APIs make it possible for businesses to experience the grass on all sides, ensuring that the grapes never seem sour!
  4. Protect your data: Data is like currency in the world of technology! It needs to be protected and handled with care and regulations in place, especially for businesses that are handling majority of their operations digitally! Protecting your company’s on premise and cloud data, and ensuring that your clients/customers data and interactions are secure should be on your businesses list of priorities. API Secure Gateways between two applications can help create a safe workflow for businesses to follow! Having a secure and centralised infrastructure that’s secured by an API Gateway can help companies go a long way!

APIs and no code automation platforms like Quickwork, give businesses an affordable and creative solution to streamline, scale/reduce and most importantly oversee business operations more clearly. Get in touch with us to know more about Quickwork, and get started with your automated journey now.