With the last four months of the pandemic, working from home has become a lifestyle we have all acclimatized to. While COVID-19 may have got us working from home, the WFH lifestyle is here to stay. Remote working has its own benefits, and Hence big companies like Google, Facebook, and Zomato have considered these for the near future, at least.

Working from home has taught or made us all realize the importance of working on cloud. You can make changes on the go, work collaboratively, and view progress in real-time. Also, it saves you from the dreaded situation of losing your data after spending hours on a presentation or a sheet just because you forgot to save. It also saves you from renaming your projects as final, final 1, final-final , since all your work is happening on cloud, and changes can be shared in real-time.

Google Suite has provided an all-rounded platform to work collaboratively irrespective of your field. Google Forms for researching data,Google Sheets to collate it and Google Docs or Slides to present it. They have also provided communication and scheduling solutions with apps like Google Contacts, Google Chat, Google Meet, and the widely famous Gmail. Overall, Google Suite offers a 360-degree platform for work, so wouldn't it be nice to connect this platform and work in a more streamlined manner?  

You can create workflows to make your life easier and skip the hassle of manually feeding in your data, keep track of your meetings, and juggle between a dozen different Google apps you're using. Integration can help you connect your universe of G-Suite together, and we're here to show you how!

Connecting your G-Suite for optimal experience

You ever see your physical office desk and felt like you can't work properly because everything is everywhere? That's what living with a disconnected digital work life can feel like—seeing a million tabs open. Trying to keep up with all the forms, sheets, and meetings can all get a little overwhelming. You end up spending more time trying to organize everything than working, and that is exactly where APIs can help you! They provide you with a more streamlined workflow.

Here are some use cases for the same:

  • Google Docs: An important tool for taking notes during meetings, or working up a report, or blog. Whatever your reason be, Google Docs have a lot of great functions that allow for working collaboratively. So how do you make it better? Integrate it with Sheets, keep a record of each piece you're writing. You can trigger your headlines to form/create Google Docs directly or work it the other way round and save your Google Docs headlines directly into a row in a spreadsheet with a single click. Another great integration for this would be your Google Calendar, along with Gmail. Nobody likes running around for feedback, you can directly add timings for people to give you feedback and send them Google Calendar invites, directly emailing them with a link to your article.
  • Google Sheets: Sheets help you keep records, maintain to-do lists, and have pretty much become a daily part of life for all kinds of reasons in work and personal life. Integrating Sheets with Slides or Docs can automatically help maintain a database of your team's tasks. Integrating sheets with Forms can help you automatically scan through your responses and turn it into a quick report ready for mailing out.
  • Google Forms: A convenient way of conducting quick surveys and collating information, automation can help you collate and present it better. Integrating Forms with Sheets or Slides can help you get each response or question response automatically put into different columns/ slides. Whereas integrating with your Google Contacts and Gmail can help send across your forms more easily.
  • Google Calendar: Calendar's are no longer a way of just remembering the date; they're your go-to for keeping up to date with events you have coming up and fixing appointments. They're an instrumental tool in planning your day and hence should be made the most out of. Integrate Calendar with Gmail, Contacts, and Chat to share your planner and automatically take meeting slots with people. This will automatically set reminders, help choose available slots across multiple people, and you can have separate Calendars to keep the distinction between your private and public lives.
  • Google Slides: Slides is a flexible tool that allows you to create smart and sleek presentations collaboratively. However, updating slides manually can become a headache. Think of Sheets and Forms as your remedy from this headache. Automatically update your charts, slides, and graphs based on updates and new responses and forget the manual hassle of keeping tabs.
  • Gmail: One of the most popular mailing services, Gmail, is a part of our daily lives. Do more with Gmail with the help of guided workflows. Automatically send emails about meetings by integrating with Calendar. Back up all your attachments by integrating with Drive. Keep track of your emails by integrating it with Sheets and maintaining a database easily with new entries being added automatically as you receive mail from senders.
  • Chat:  Google Chat has become an important tool in communicating with your colleagues in a professional environment. It allows you to interact without using a personal messenger like WhatsApp or phone calls and hence has become increasingly popular. You can integrate Chat with Gmail to create notifications that match a Mail search. You can also integrate Forms to get notifications of new responses. Integrating with Calendar and Drive allows for getting automatic updates for upcoming meetings or new files/documents ready to be viewed.
  • Google Contacts: Google contacts helps you keep track of the people you're interacting with and their information. Integrate it with Sheets to automatically maintain a database based on the type of contacts they are and always stay up to date.
  • Google Drive: An app that allows you to keep everything organized without taking any memory upon your personal device. Google Drive is a convenient addition to all our lives. With APIs do more without even needing to access your Drive each time for it! Integrate with Gmail to send emails automatically and save attachments. Create automatic folders from rows in your Sheets and back up all your Calendar events all without having to lift a finger.

Integrations: Building your Journey with connecting G-Suite

The journeys listed above are an example of the kind of workflows that you can create using the apps available in G-Suite. Listing possibilities of all workflows would be similar to going out, and trying to count each star out there, as there are thousands of journeys possible with each of these apps. Here we have only discussed integrations that will help you work better within a few of the popular G-Suite apps, but their true potential can be shared even with external third-party apps like Slack, Trello, or anything out there with an API.

Get in touch with us to build a journey that helps you make the most out of G-Suite and watch your organizational skills hit an all-time high.