COVID 19 has drastically affected the way businesses function, it has disrupted their normal functioning causing delays in orders, structure, and services. The need for businesses to communicate with their stakeholders increased, that has led to a surge of businesses turning to WhatsApp. While the pandemic may have caused this realisation, WhatsApp is a tool that must become a staple for businesses even post the crisis has been averted.

If you are running or managing an e-business whether on Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Store Hippo, or even your own customised e-commerce site, you need to bring your business on WhatsApp. Here’s why - answers to FAQs.

Why do I need to be on WhatsApp, if my customers can directly contact me through my customer care service or website chat?

WhatsApp has over 2 billion users on its platform. A 2020 study by broadband search revealed that an average user spends 28 minutes a day on the platform. WhatsApp has made traditional SMS take a backseat, and is used widely across the world. They see about a million new users daily, and over 43 billion messages are sent on the platform each day. This alone is enough to differentiate WhatsApp from just another messaging app to be on.

Your customers prefer to interact with people and stay active on WhatsApp every day. Connecting with them on WhatsApp is much easier, than driving the same traffic to your website or customer care service, and putting them through the dreaded experience of having to spend the better half of the week, getting your customer care tune out of their head. Think of it as the door to door sales option for virtual businesses.

Here’s why your e-business needs to connect with WhatsApp right away:

  • Benefits of real-time conversations: It enables your customer to reach out to you whenever they want, and opens up the doorway to real-time communication with your business.
  • Making your customers comfortable: Adding a WhatsApp channel to your e-store invites them to a platform that they are comfortable with and makes their lives easier to communicate with you. It helps you increase engagement.
  • Showcase your services/products: With the help of featured product catalogues, WhatsApp helps your customers stay up to date with the latest products and services you’re offering and drives traffic to your e-business.
  • Building a relationship with your customers: Getting to know your customers will only help you serve them better. Collecting feedback, to learn how your products are responding with your customers in a private encrypted chat can become vital in improving the service/product. Whereas customers are also more open to sharing pictures of them using the products, and giving testimonials that can be used to generate organic content for your e-business and repost it on your Shopify, WooCommerce, or StoreHippo account.
  • Pushing Sales Forward: Get the attention of those customers that keep abandoning their cart, and help them back on track with automated reminders of their cart, pushing discount codes or providing  limited offers.Customers may log off from your e-business, and forget about their abandoned cart, with WhatsApp you can grab their attention by sending reminders and driving them back to their shopping cart or help them complete the transaction on WhatsApp itself. You can also keep track of the discount codes you generate on the backend to see how your sales are doing.
  • Make your customers your regulars: Keep your customer coming back. Taking advantage of being able to message them on a platform where they are most responsive, use WhatsApp to notify your customers to return to your e-business, whenever they’re in time for a refill or get them to directly re-order through WhatsApp.
  • Auto Reply chat: It gives you the benefit of setting up a chatbot that will directly communicate with your customers to solve their general queries, or note down requests for when you’re able to account for them. This can be used to get personalised information, help with customer queries, and assist customers in shopping preferences.
  • Translation- WhatsApp is available in over 180 countries with the option of communicating with up to 60 languages. By connecting your website with WhatsApp using an API you can easily translate what your customer’s requests are to the language of your choice to communicate with a wider audience.
  • Creating a brand identity- A business gets the opportunity to break free from one-sided conversations and engage freely and openly with their customers. Being able to share pictures and links has helped customers interact better with businesses creating a more holistic and immersive shopping experience for the customers.

Take the example of Lenskart, and how they’ve pioneered the experience of shopping for eyewear online. By allowing customers to schedule home tests, consult on help in choosing the correct frames that suit their face and submitting their powers, or making additional payments through WhatsApp. This has helped them become synonymous with the world of shopping for eyewear online.

Here’s how to integrate your e-business with WhatsApp:

Connect your shopify business to WhatsApp
Build your WhatsApp shopping bot without code

We now know that your e-business and WhatsApp are a match made in heaven. How do you go about planning their journey together? That’s where we come in. Think of us as your friendly neighbourhood matchmaker who will assist you with connecting your e-business on platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, StoreHippo and even your custom e-commerce site to WhatsApp where you can quickly engage in conversations, connect with popular payment models like; PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay, or CCAvenue to give your customers the flexibility of making transactions through their preferred payment method, all on a platform that they’re already on.

There are more such WhatsApp integrations for your e-business. Visit our YouTube playlist to learn and implement this in your business

Stop losing out on abandoned carts, and make the most of WhatsApp API, by integrating it with apps best suited for your e-business. Get in touch with us, and get started on building your journey with WhatsApp.