The holiday season is upon us, and with the holiday season comes the long list of gifting and party favors. While there are a million things you could be adding to the shopping list, how about putting a pause on the purchases and exploring some innovative tech-friendly ways to kickstart your holiday season.

Explore through a curated list of unique APIs that will allow you to step up your gifting game.

Before we get started, let’s clear the basics.

What are APIs and how can I use them?

APIs stand for application programming interfaces, and in simple terms they are software intermediaries that allow two applications to interact with each other. APIs allow you to automate certain actions based on your intention.

Basically every automation has a trigger and an action. Triggers a term used to describe an event that starts your automation. For example: When I place my order, I get food to eat. (In this statement placing your order is a trigger, whereas getting food in return is the action taking place due to your trigger.)

There are several ways to use APIs. Quickworks no code automation tool allows you to connect several APIs using little to no code. There are multiple APIs that you can modify and test using your browser as well. In this article we will be exploring some fun and quirky public APIs. You can start by building this to send updates to a person as a gift or by displaying them on a website using a website builder and creating a personalized website for your friend/ significant other.

5 APIs to try this holiday season

  1. Poems API: What better way to express your feelings than through the form of art? Sending memes is too mainstream, you may not be a poet, but you can use the Poems API to send your artistic friend/significant other poems to regularly express how you feel with the help of Poems API. Access the API to configure poems of the day, poems by author/era/collections and integrate poems into a private website or application. They have a range of plans to choose from, and they offer customization; so just pen them a note and get a plan tailor made to your needs. Click here to know more about this API.
  2. Yahoo Fantasy Sports API: The perfect gift for all the sport geeks in your contact list; the Yahoo Fantasy Sport API provides information on different sports and leagues, it’s your go to database for everything from Fantasy Football to Baseball, Basketball, etc. Get the latest information on player facts, league trivia, teams, scorecards and much more! Create a one stop access for everything any fantasy fanatic would ever need. Get started with this API by clicking here.
  3. jService: Holiday season always comes with a bunch of fun holiday parties; crown yourself the winner at each game night/house party by building your own trivia app based on facts and trivia from all your personal lives. This also doubles up as the perfect gift for anyone that loves game nights. Click here to know more about this API.
  4. AdviceSlip: Remember Magic 8 Balls, and how they made for the perfect gift for your indecisive friends? Well it’s 2020, and with the help of tech you can bring back the 90’s nostalgia in a much better way. AdviceSlip API allows you to build your own advice bot, makes for the perfect gift for that friend that always ends up calling at odd hours looking for advice. Click here to know more about this API.
  5. Deck Of Cards: Virtual game nights have been all the rage lately! Take your game nights a step further with the Deck of Cards API that allows you to create your own customisable card decks. Personalise your game nights for a more fun and unique experience. Click here to get started.

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