The days where one depended on their daily newspaper for news and hunting through books for knowledge are long gone.We live in a fast-paced world, where new information is being released every second, giving us access to all of it at our fingertips.

Between the countless newsletters that we are all guilty of signing up to, a dozen different news apps, and social media profiles, our inboxes are constantly flooded with notifications, and overflowing with information. The amount of time spent in scanning through which app you dedicate your time to, followed by finding what piece of content deserves your attention can be confusing enough, to put you off the idea of reading altogether.

Then there’s the other issue of procrastinating, we’re all familiar with opening our Twitter for a quick five-minute scan, only to end up wasting an hour scrolling through the excess of information available.

What if we told you that there’s a way for you to spend less time and consume more content? Sounds nice, right? You can also organise your content to come to you directly instead of having to search for it on multiple platforms, buried in the clutter of memes, articles that don’t interest you. Here’s a look at how automating information can help you consume content constructively.

  • Bringing a stop to lost content:Tab hopping between links and scrolling past the expanse of content comes at an expense. That expense is lost content, articles that you found interesting but didn’t complete reading because you jumped onto something else or posts that grabbed your attention but you forgot about while scrolling through your feed.

Automation can help you organise your content meticulously and help you send content from one platform to another. You can connect your Twitter with apps like Pocket, Google Docs and WhatsApp allowing you to directly send your newly liked tweets to another platform where they get stored and can be accessed easily in the future.

You can take this a step further by creating a list of people or followers you like seeing content from regularly, integrate this with your email, or spreadsheets to review everything all at once. At a larger scale, integrate apps that you widely use like Instagram and Facebook with Pocket, Google Docs, Email or WhatsApp to save on the amount of time you spend on social media. Scroll faster, explore more and save everything to return to at a later time.

  • Building your custom news feed:  Our content consumption has changed drastically and to adapt with this we should change the way we consume it as well. If you prefer your news to come to you from ten different sources then automate them using RSS and divert them to directly reach you on a platform of your choice. Get your favourite blog, the latest updates on sports, news from the platforms of your choice to all integrate with RSS feeds and into your inbox or phone. You can also schedule this process to get daily, weekly or monthly updates saving you the time of scanning through multiple apps and searching for the news itself.  
  • Creating an alert to always stay up to date: The internet is flooded with updates, filtering through this content and finding news that is relevant to you is important. Staying up to date by reviewing the credibility of the source, finding updates and reviewing it, is a manual task that is best left in the past. Automate the process by setting up an RSS feed and manage content similar to how news channels filter it. Set up an alert for topics that you need to keep yourself constantly aware about and get aggregated data, curated by credible sources directly to a platform of your choice.
  • Managing screen time: An average human spends around 144 minutes on social media every day. Spending too much time on screen can cause fatigue and mental exhaustion, and not regulating screen time can lead to taking extreme measures like deleting apps and taking a complete detox from it. Cutting off from social media and news may not be feasible for everyone, but regulating screen time increases productivity, helps you manage workflow better and saves you from overexertion. Whitelist certain apps during a specific timeframe, integrate your apps to set reminders and notifications to know when to switch off.

All in all, integrating your apps and automating your information can help in prioritising, and organising the way you consume content. With technology just a call away, we at Quickwork can help you create a unique journey that's tailor-made to your habits and consumption.