A very famous marketing ideology was coined by A.F. Lafley, CEO, P&G -

Moment of truth - is the moment when a customer/user interacts with a brand, product or service to form or change an impression about that particular brand, product or service.

A consumer's buying journey has various moments of truth -

First Moment of Truth (FMOT) - the first 3-7 seconds when a consumer decides to buy/use a product over another.

Second Moment of Truth (SMOT) - when the consumers actually uses/utilises/works with the product.

Third Moment of Truth (TMOT) - when the consumers shares feedback about the product.

Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT)- a term coined by Google- refers to consumer decision making based on online search of the product reviews.

Actual Moment of Truth - a concept which surfaced later on the web, meaning the time-lag between online buying and the delivery of the product.

These concepts tell us a lot about the consumer's psyche, behaviour and demands:

Firstly, today’s consumer has:

  1. A lot of choices
  2. Is high maintenance
  3. Has an opinion
  4. Is well informed

Secondly, today’s consumer wants:

  1. To avail the best and most suitable product/service
  2. The luxury to use the product/service at his chosen time
  3. To reach out and share/interact with the product/service makers and other users
  4. Validation for his choice of product/service

Automating business interaction and communication to meet above mentioned consumer demands has proven to fetch a near perfect result for businesses.

Automating FMOT (First Moment of Truth)

Building an excellent first touch-point for the consumer -

  1. Use a customer support chatbot
  2. Integrate social messengers with website

Automating SMOT (Second Moment of Truth)

Guide consumer to use the product correctly -

  1. Offer Interactive user guidance chatbot instead of a manual
  2. Provide live contextual chat using social messengers

Automating TMOT (Third Moment of Truth)

Receive and work on the feedback instantly-

  1. Activate social messenger/chatbot based feedback mechanism
  2. Integrate social messenger/chatbot service with customer support for least possible turn-around-time

Automating ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth)

Lead consumer to interact with the makers rather than trust reviews-

  1. Automate search-engine ads that promote the brand-bot
  2. Integrate SEO reports with marketing tools to show contextual information instantly

There are significant benefits of automating consumer's buying journey -

  1. Consistent consumer experiences
  2. Omni-channel outreach mechanisms
  3. Real-time insights
  4. Genuine data points shared directly by the consumer

Quickwork Conversations offer live chat, chatbots, integration with other applications to automate consumer buyer's journey across the moments of truth, quickly.