What is the perfect time to kick-start a new project?

Simple question, but a multivariable answer!

Initiating a small project in an organization needs much preparation, and the foremost thing is readiness for change. Employees are generally reluctant to change, but most established processes need modifications that add additional expenses on top of what you pay for implementing the project.

These days, Enterprises are using multiple applications rapidly every year. Therefore there is an excellent possibility that customers are utilizing numerous apps and systems together with the SaaS services. It is quite challenging to work with all these tools together as a centralized system. In such cases, integration can make the process smoother by connecting software tools.

The faster the client syncs with your services, the happier they will be. That is why you need to help them with a perfect integration project.

Embedded Integration Platforms

Embedded iPaaS is an extended arm to the existing software services you offer for your customers to adapt and provide the box integration solutions. Adapting to ready-to-use software like embedded integration platform is simple, easy, and saves time.

Imagine adding an embedded integration platform to extend your portfolio of solutions you offer to clients. You can achieve it without additional development expenses, and employee engagement saves many budgets.

Here are the top 10 benefits of the embedded iPaaS platform you should know in 2022


No code integration

To establish communication between apps, integration is the way to achieve this. But, it needs coding. Writing code means understanding the applications and then coding the capabilities.

It requires a technical skillset and much time. An Embedded iPaaS helps save time and resources and enables you to keep all the power in the hands of business users to define the logic.


Customized self-service

Embedded iPaaS platforms offer hundreds of pre-built connectors that you can embed into your SaaS application. This self-service integration is the most beneficial one to your team and the customers.

Sometimes your customers may request customized integrations, or you may decide to integrate the application which isn’t included in embedded iPaaS. By using the reliable embedded iPaaS platform, you can access both custom and self-service integrations in one place.


Low maintenance

By using the embedded iPaaS, you don’t need to worry about the transformation of APIs and no need to monitor them. It has all the tests and processes in place, which it eyes on integrations. Whenever an update is released, it ensures all the connectors are working.


Faster time to market

No coding and maintenance make embedded iPaaS the most reliable solution for SaaS vendors. It saves a lot of time and resources and helps build the native integrations in a matter of minutes. There is no need to invest more in technical resources as the platform requires no coding.


No complex issue handling

Embedded iPaaS takes care of everything that comes with new integrations. From error handling to automatic retry to authentication, it performs all these tasks and keeps you worry-free about your custom app integrations with your SaaS services.


Development team gets more time to focus on product

Using the embedded iPaaS platform, your development team will get more time to focus on your SaaS product and develop it even more competitively, while embedded iPaaS builds integrations for different apps. Hence it boosts the developer productivity by more than 50%.


Reduced customer churning

Integrations can often add to the price list and drive recurring revenue. If you can deliver more integration faster, your customers stick to your services, and they are less likely to churn out. Hence you can build a loyal customer base.


Accelerated growth

If your business is focusing on the fixed-price bids for the integration delivery, using an integration platform can reduce the overall efforts and, in some cases, by more than 90%. Hence you can utilize the hours and save on the bottom line.


Easy to scale

When you keep developing more connectors to third-party applications, operating them gets more challenging because you link your API to a new API every time you want to connect with an app. This can end up in a brittle situation and is not at all a scalable approach.

By using embedded iPaaS, you build connectors with API only once.

Any new API links to yours through the interface makes the approach scalable; the embedded iPaaS architecture supports the high-level throughputs and helps expand your connections and customer bases without any trouble.


Save up on overheads

Embedded iPaaS reduces development teams' investments, and there will not be any considerable maintenance that strikes the pockets. It is scalable and saves on capacity investment when the business grows.

Wrapping it up

Quickwork offers on-demand integration capabilities to help customers get their integrations done faster. With our range of plans and solutions, you can provide your customers with custom or native integrations embedded directly into your SaaS app in just minutes. Request a demo today.