When customers visit a bank branch, they may encounter any of the following problems -

  • Commute to bank location during banking hours
  • Long queues at customer service counters
  • Explaining bank requests/issues to branch executives
  • Follow-up on resolution of requests made

All of this makes the banking experience very time-consuming and inconvenient for the customer.

WhatsApp (Chat) Banking

WhatsApp Banking by Quickwork is a timely and relevant solution that addresses these problems and provides a better customer experience. It replicates the bank’s in-person experience virtually minus the inconvenience.

Customers can now access a wide range of banking services easily and securely over WhatsApp.

These services include:

  • Find customer ID
  • Get account balance
  • Get mini statement
  • Request cheque book
  • Create a fixed deposit
  • Get nominee details
  • Video Banking
  • Gold Loan Enquiry
  • Download account statement
  • Block debit card
  • Find status of cheque
  • Stop cheque
  • Pay Loan EMI/Due
  • Apply for a loan
  • Locate a nearby branch or ATM

On WhatsApp these services are available 24X7 anytime and anywhere, unaffected by bank holidays or banking hours.

This solution is built by integrating the Quickwork platform with Core Banking APIs, WhatsApp (messaging platform) and Google Dialogflow (NLP engine) that enables users to create intelligent conversational workflows in real-time.

WhatsApp Banking can also be created using -

  • Messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Google Talk, LINE
  • Mobile/Web Browser/Existing Bank app
  • CRM or Ticket Management Systems to maintain requests/complaints

The NLP engine plays a critical role in analyzing and interpreting meaning, context and intent of the customer’s message. It understands the message typed in natural language and responds with a suitable answer in English, Hindi or any chosen language.

WhatsApp Banking solution is built to provide the customer with an engaging interaction through in-built options for questions, quick reply buttons, or selection from pre-built menus.

WhatsApp Banking is an instant banking solution for customers to easily access their bank accounts and other banking products/services.

Benefits of WhatsApp (Chat) Banking

WhatsApp (Chat) Banking is now a must for all banks looking to have a competitive advantage with the following benefits -
1. Improved Customer Experience - WhatsApp Banking offers personalized services to customers whichthat are relevant and engaging and help customers get the most out of their banking experience.
2. Efficient Account Management - Periodic tasks like checking account balances and requesting statements can be easily accomplished on WhatsApp in real-time, which is a massive time-saver for customers.
3. Reduced Costs - Most of the customer queries are handled through the app in real-time. Only complex queries are passed on to an agent, thus significantly reducing the costs incurred by the call center.
4. Enhanced Security and Compliance - The data exchange on WhatsApp is secure and private, making it a safe option for banks and their customers. WhatsApp allows banks to comply with relevant regulations related to data storage and privacy.
5. Consistency of Service Request Management - WhatsApp Banking is built using Workflow Automation and AI mechanisms which provide standard services each time a request is made. This helps the bank manage customer requests consistently and efficiently.

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