Partner networks are integral to the success of a business. Collaborating with external partners like vendors, suppliers, and resellers helps companies expand their reach, access new markets, and leverage specialized expertise. Partner Onboarding is the starting point for any partnership. When onboarding new channel partners, it is important to ensure they meet the minimum qualifying criteria of the organization. This screening is necessary to mitigate any risks associated with fraud and regulatory non-compliance. Partner Onboarding involves collating and validating data/documents required to integrate an external partner into the organization's ecosystem.

Challenges in Partner Onboarding done the Manual Way

  • Manual Onboarding - Gathering and verifying partner data using manual processes can be inefficient, time-consuming and costly.
  • Volumes and Scalability - Onboarding vast numbers across geographic locations quickly or in a limited timeframe can be demanding for businesses doing it manually.
  • Disparate Partner Systems - Varying partner systems pose challenges related to the standardization of incoming data, further complicating data validation in the event of partner format and system changes.
  • Complex Legacy Infrastructure - Legacy systems cannot easily connect to disparate partner systems/sources and require middleware to integrate data securely. IT involvement to support onboarding large volumes of vendors complicates the process in terms of efforts and costs.

Automated Partner Onboarding the Quickwork Way

Quickwork worked on a live scenario with a Fintech client to address these challenges. It leveraged APIs from microservices, government databases (GST), banking systems, document signing applications and CRM platforms (Salesforce) to streamline the partner onboarding process. By integrating these different systems and tools, Quickwork enabled the client to automate and expedite the partner onboarding process.

Frontend Interaction

On a unified messaging platform like WhatsApp, partners could now receive an onboarding link, answer questions online, upload their details and necessary documents, and undergo verification seamlessly. Quickwork utilized online digital verification tools, like Karza and Digilocker, to authenticate KYC documents (PAN and Aadhar). The platform simplified the form-filling process by offering menus and minimizing the chances of user errors with AI tools like NLP for fast and easy conversations. This was particularly beneficial for partners who may not be proficient in written communication.

Backend Operations

Once the partner details were uploaded and verified, the system issued a unique ID for the partner within the client system. This ID enabled further account management, including commission payments and other relevant processes. The automation platform also facilitated agreement signing, ensuring the entire partner onboarding process was online. Quickwork’s ability to integrate with various messaging platforms like WhatsApp, FB Messenger and PWA (Progressive Web Application), provide a user-friendly and accessible interface for partners. The system's flexibility allows the client to replicate the onboarding process for different products and vendors.

Business Impact

Quickwork's integration capabilities and automation platform played a crucial role in transforming the client's partner onboarding process. It enabled them to onboard 1000s of partners in a matter of hours, streamlining the documentation and verification procedures while providing a user-friendly experience for partners.

Benefits of Automated Partner Onboarding

  1. Automated Partner Onboarding reduces time and costs, especially when covering large volumes of partners over varied geographical areas.
  2. Automating the process helps businesses onboard and activate new partners quickly, efficiently, and with greater agility.
  3. By improving efficiency, reducing manual effort, and accelerating the onboarding process, companies can benefit from their partnerships sooner and drive growth more effectively.
  4. It empowers businesses to achieve a higher return on investment (ROI) from their partner onboarding initiatives.
  5. Complete guided flow in conversational format on a chatbot provides an intuitive experience for partners, even those not technically inclined.
  6. Quickwork facilitates rapid integration and validation of partner data, allowing businesses to accelerate time-to-insights and data-driven decisions.

With Quickwork, businesses can standardize and automate repeatable onboarding processes tailored to their specific requirements. It ensures consistency and accuracy while minimizing manual errors.

Most importantly, it saves time and resources, allowing organizations to focus on building strong partnerships and achieving their business goals.

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