Let’s look at a typical week in a Field Sales Team.

  • Sales Reps receive details of leads/prospects from multiple networks. They plan and schedule field visits for the next few days.
  • After each field visit, the Sales Rep provides updates/minutes of the meeting.
  • They follow up on prospects pursued earlier and update the status.
  • The Manager reviews these updates and provides feedback on the implementation and next steps.

Imagine this process being carried out over messages, emails or calls, back and forth between Managers and Team Members.

It can be very confusing and time-consuming for both. An inefficient process could also mean losing prospects in the funnel, if they drop off the radar. They may not make it to the Customer stage only due to lack of timely and adequate follow-up.

With Quickwork’s Productivity Bot, a typical week in Field Sales could look like the following -

  • Sales Reps plan and schedule field visits for the next few days with the details of prospects received from multiple networks.
  • They meet the prospects for the day.
  • After each field visit, the Sales Rep creates a self field visit on the Productivity Bot. This involves filling a form with all the field visit details, including meeting updates.
  • At this point the Productivity Bot prompts the Sales Rep to share the live/current location. The geo-location update cannot be erased or replicated. It is a one-time click link which gets recorded in the backend.
  • Once these details are in, the field visit status is marked as Completed.
  • A notification is sent to the Manager once the field visit is completed. He can give feedback in real-time.
  • Alternatively, the Manager too has the option to assign a field visit to Sales Reps . In which case a notification is sent to the Sales Rep to whom the field visit is assigned.
  • The Sales Reps and the Manager can pull up details for each field visit recorded in the bot at any point in real-time.

Benefits of Productivity Automation Bot

The Productivity Bot enables Managers to handle their distributed workforce with feet-on-street using the following:

  • Sales Reps’s attendance supported by Geolocation.
  • Daily Visit Tracker to indicate each Sales Rep's visit location and task performed.
  • Regional/Zonal Drill-Down MIS Reports with real-time insights related to visits completed, visits missed, visits planned, visit statuses, deals closed, customers acquired, and customers activated based on region, zone or city.
  • Product Status Reports with a drill-down of products and their status. This report helps managers track customers acquired and activated and identify the bottleneck for activation (if any) in real-time.

Key Features of Productivity Automation Bot

  • Quickwork's Productivity Automation Bot provides Integration, Automation and Conversation Management, all in one platform.
  • It integrates the Messaging, Forms and Database Systems, automates the field force data to flow seamlessly across systems in real-time with a conversation chatbot to assist Supervisors and Team Members enter and track visit details.

The Productivity Bot is important for the Field Force to gain operational visibility and achieve their sales targets. It is also equally important to diligently record sales efforts consistently at scale.

To explore this solution for your business teams, contact [email protected] and [email protected] for details/demo.