We're living in the middle of a digital transformation. A world where new innovations and technological advancements are taking place everyday. Automation is something that is being applied to all fields of work and is a skill that, as a job seeker, should be on your list. With global unemployment at alarmingly high levels, the competition in the job market is cut-throat, and if you're looking out for one, a skill like automation can help you stand out.

Automation as a skill

When you think of automation, what exactly comes to your mind? If it's very complicated robotic things, then we're going to stop you right away because automation is the process of using technology to carry out tasks for you automatically. Automation isn't scary or super complicated; in fact, in today's world, you can learn how to use automation without needing a background in coding. There are tools that allow you to build your own automated workflows.

Quickwork platform is one such tool. You can click here to know more about this tool, but just to give you a gist, Quickwork is an integration platform that allows you to connect different applications together, by doing so you can automatically get different applications to interact with each.

What does this mean? This means that you can transfer data from one application to another, trigger one application to notify you of updates, and basically synchronize them to create workflows to help you in all kinds of jobs.

How can automation help your resume stand out

If you're using a computer, chances are you deal with multiple applications and do things like transfer data from one application to another, fill out forms or documents, send out emails, manage/ arrange meetings, research, manage expenses, assets or leads, and of course report to someone or communicate with people to execute your work.

All of these tasks take place in most jobs, and they generally take up a chunk of an employee's day. Automation helps take care of these time-consuming tasks, allowing employees to work in a more productive manner and help them increase their productivity.

Adding automation as a skill on your resume will help you:

  • Showcase the efficiency and productivity you bring to a team with your knowledge of optimizing technology.
  • Help you leverage technology better to increase your own efficiency and organizational skills.
  • Allow you to explore different applications and gain knowledge about innovations happening in your field, which can add value to your discussions with potential employers.
  • Pitching yourself as an automator will attract employers since it's a skill that can be utilized to help all teams in a professional environment manage their workflows better.

What value does automation add to your skillset?

You probably want to know what value automation adds to your skillset, aside from making your resume look good, right? It's only fair considering you'll be putting in time and effort into learning a new skill. Knowing how to automate tasks allows you to set up convenient workflows in your daily life that can takeover the time-consuming tasks that consume up your day. Take up applying for jobs for example, instead of manually sending customized emails out to different employers; you can automate this process by creating templates and setting schedules, sending out personalized emails to employers and schedule automatic follow up emails to them for a reply. You can also use automation to collate job alerts from various job portals to show up in Google Sheets, so that you're not stuck scanning through each of them individually in your inbox, and also so you can dedicate a certain amount of time each day to respond to them in one sitting.

This example shows you how automation can take over your manual work, save you time and allow you to explore more avenues with your time, like say for example, learning more about automation!

How do you learn automation?

Learning about automation is no longer like rocket science. It doesn't have to be overly complicated, and you can start by creating simple automation between applications to get the hang of it. The best way to learn automation is by experimenting your way around it. You can check out our Quickwork Guides for more information on automation as a whole. You can and should also explore the Quickwork platform to create and test out your own automation. These can help you add value and save time in your daily routine. You can also use these to pitch yourself as someone that knows automation once you get familiar with the software.

Get in touch with us to know more about Automation, and while automation isn't a foolproof way of landing a job, it will 100% prove to be a valuable asset to you for any future job you do end up in eventually.