Human Resource is the backbone of any company! From hiring capable professionals to grow a company, to managing conflict, regulating policies and balancing performances, an HR professionals job is one that involves mastering the art of balance! Between scouting, resolving employee conflicts, negotiating salaries, updating policies, keeping work morale high, an hr professionals day is filled with flooded inboxes, a mountain pile of administrative tasks and a ton of strategic decisions requiring their immediate attention. Balancing between these tasks can be daunting.

Here are three simple 5 minute automations that can help HR professionals manage their day a little better!

  1. Staying Relevant On LinkedIn: A company’s LinkedIn profile gives potential customers and employees a look into the organisation. Keeping a company’s LinkedIn is essential, as it shows people what your company is all about. However consistently updating your LinkedIn can be a task when done manually. Figuring out what to post or updating LinkedIn on the daily can be easy to miss out on, when there are a dozen other tasks at hand. Automate keeping your profile updated by integrating LinkedIn with your social media platforms. This way anytime you post something on Wordpress, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, your LinkedIn feed gets automatically updated with it!  Click here to kickstart your journey to automation!
LinkedIN, Instagram

2. Automate Your Hiring Process: There are plenty of fish in the ocean, and interviewing through a pool of candidates to find the right shark for your company can become a scheduling nightmare, involving multiple rounds of back and forth and coordination between the calendars of all your candidates. Simplify this process with the help of a quick automation that helps in managing multiple schedules in real time! Integrate Google Forms/ Typeform and Google Calendar with Gmail.(Click here to test this Journey out for yourself!)This way anytime a candidate is shortlisted, a form link is shared with them to fill out all their basic information regarding their experience, salary expectation, professional background,etc. Integrate this with your email to receive a copy of all responses, to easily scan through when a form is submitted. Use a Google Calendar to Gmail integration to share a real time calendar with available meeting slots with your interviewees, and automatically send and receive reminders before your scheduled meetings. (Try out this Journey by clicking here.)

Typeform, Gmail, Google Calendar

3. Automate Sending Emails: There are a lot of routine mails, sent out by HR, welcome mails, induction mails, updating employees about policies, payroll intimations, etc. These mails can end up taking a lot of time even though most of them can be templatized. Save hours every week with the help of a simple integration. Integrate Google Sheets with Gmail, and automatically send an email or draft an email anytime a new row or column is added in the google sheet!

Google Sheets Gmail

Simplify Your Workflow With Quickwork Automation

Quickwork Automation is a no code platform, that allows you to easily connect different applications and build Journeys simply. These journeys can help you automate routine tasks in your everyday life, essentially helping you stay more organised, efficient and productive. You can try out the Journeys listed above to see how simple it is to get started with automation! Once you’ve checked these out, you can continue to experiment with different combinations of triggers and actions between different applications to build your own Journeys!

Get in touch with us to know more about streamlining your sales process, building Journeys and getting started with automation!