Trade shows and exhibitions are a great way to meet new people and generate leads! But anyone who’s ever been to one, knows how busy these events can get! With the giant footfall, the sales team has their hands tied with new interactions and demonstrations, giving them very little time to sit and properly record each of their leads systematically.

Quickly recording your leads is just as important as generating new leads! Usually trade shows and exhibitions leave you with a stack of business cards to sift through, making the process of reaching out to these leads time consuming and cumbersome! A major spice company that frequents at trade shows and exhibitions found their solution to this time consuming ordeal through automation.

What was the issue?

Well like we mentioned earlier, recording your leads manually is a time consuming process, not to mention it leads to a time gap! At the moment of interaction, you know exactly what your lead is looking for and have a lot of information at hand from your conversation with them. Their business card however doesn’t include any of these details, so days later when you’re contacting each lead individually you might not retain all the information making the chain of communication repetitive! Manually recording your leads, also slows down the process of contacting your leads, which can often lead to you losing out on potential business. This is exactly why the company got in touch with Quickwork to seek out a solution that allows them to seamlessly record leads, and streamline their sales operations.

How did automation help streamline the sales process?

A pile of cards can make it easy to lose out on leads, this is exactly why the company needed a system in place. Since all shows and exhibitions are unique, the solution had to be dynamic and flexible to adapt. After a quick brainstorming session, Quickwork and the trader agreed that a chatbot would be the quickest and most dynamic solution to solving the issue of recording leads with automation.

Quickwork understood the challenges being faced by the trader, and keeping in mind the fast paced momentum of trade shows and exhibitions, and the urgency to find a way to record leads in a quick and simple manner,Quickwork devised an automation that would seamlessly transfer the lead from a simple business card, straight into your CRM! Here’s how the automated journey worked:

Automate Lead Recording

How the automation helped record leads In 4 simple steps:

Quickwork automated the sales recording process by integrating a chatbot with an application to seamlessly scan, transcribe and transfer the contact details from a business card to the CRM application, saving all the time required to manually fill out information or search through a physical database.

  1. Quickwork created a bot that could be accessed by the traders sales team through their mobile phones itself! Anytime a new lead would pass on their business card, the trader would upload an image of the business card onto the chatbot!
  2. The chatbot would then automatically send the image through Google Cloud Vision which would then scan and extract the contact details from the business card.
  3. The extracted information would then systematically get filled into a new Google Form. The sales person then captures the interested products on the form and also puts in the offer price if the customer wants to bid.
  4. Quickwork integrated Google Forms with Zoho CRM, completing the process of recording leads systematically. This integration allowed for recorded forms to be automatically generated as new leads with the offer document attached.

This automation helped in streamlining the entire process of recording sales, it made the need to maintain a physical record of all the business cards obsolete and also saved hours worth of data entry work required in systematically storing the information. Since the process was entirely automated, the chances of missing out of a lead reduced drastically. Overall automation equipped the trader with a scalable and simplified tool to record leads, allowing him with more time to focus on the important activities like lead generation and conversion.

Get in touch with Quickwork to know more about how automation can help you, streamline your workflows!