Businesses are complicated to run, which means that naturally when you’re running a business you get a lot of questions. These questions come from an array of sources; your customers, your employees, investors, and more. While some questions may be personal and require your immediate attention, a lot of them are generic or repetitive in nature and could easily be taken care of with the help of service desk automation. The more your business grows the more it could benefit from having a fully automated service desk. Before we jump in let’s cover the basics.

What is service desk automation?

Service desk automation refers to processes and tools that help you automate your help desk, enabling your employees and customers to access resources that can help them essentially resolve their issues quicker.

Five benefits of service desk automation

1. Onboard employees faster

Building an internal knowledge desk with the help of automation can smoother the process of onboarding employees. With the help of a bot, new employees can access information like essential forms, training videos, contact details of other employees and much more with ease. This also reduces the workload on HR teams by reducing the need for long induction programs.

2. Raise issues with ease

Integrating task managers like Slack with help desk softwares like Jira or Freshdesk can help issues get resolved seamlessly. Employees can create tickets automatically via their task managers which can seamlessly be raised to developers and IT professionals making the process simple and effortless.

3. Enhance customer experience

Automated customer bots can help customers extract relevant information without the need for human intervention. Customers can send in their query and be redirected to relevant videos, articles, and resources resolving their issues instantly. Automation can also help gather feedback from customers instantly after products have been delivered.

4. Auto fill standard service requests

Save time and effort with using services like ServiceNow, Aviater Service Catalog, PasswordNow and integrate these with your companies softwares and processes to automatically fill standard information when filling out service request forms, and performing redundant tasks like resetting passwords. This will not only help you save time, but will also help free up your personnel to focus on more important tasks.

5. Automate calls and re route tickets to agents

Automation can help regulate the traffic on incoming calls and requests. Monitor calls based on how long they’ve been on hold and escalate them when they reach a high wait time. Automatically route customer complaints to available agents and save the time of manually assigning agents to deal with raised tickets.

Implementing automation for your service desk enhances both internal and external communication. It improves the quality of service you provide to customers. It makes work more smooth sailing for your support staff by taking care of redundant and uninspiring tasks, letting your support teams accomplish more, and helps your employees by taking care of their issues in a structured fashion.

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