A cloud storage software by Google that's made the use of pen drives almost obsolete. Google Drive has been enabling individuals, and businesses; access, store and share files better! Google Drive automatically connects with the entire G-Suite allowing users to view, and share documents containing spreadsheets, presentations, and forms with ease. Google Drive also works as a great tool to back up videos, photos and other media. Automating Google Drive makes it easy to store and save your data in a timely and secure fashion.

Benefits of using Google Drive

  • Easy to use interface
  • Compatible with Microsoft Office
  • Easy collaboration, you can share files via custom links and by giving selective access.
  • Secure: Google Drive provides SSL encryption to all the files making it a safe storage space to hold all your data.
  • Easy to customize: Google Drive offers a lot of in built add on applications and templates to use. You can also easily connect your Drive to other softwares to automatically store and access your data.

Apps that connect well with Google Drive

  • Mailchimp: Store any media/files you have sent to Google Drive.
  • Gmail: Save your mail attachments in Google Drive.
  • Slack: Search Google Drive files through Slack.
  • Facebook Lead Ads: Create text documents for new leads generated.
  • Pinterest: Log new pins in Google Drive.
  • Trello: Create new cards from Google Drive files.
  • Instagram: Auto save any new post in your Google Drive.
  • Quickbooks: Save new invoices in Google Drive.

These are just a few applications you can pair Google Drive with, explore our Google Drive page to know more about automating Google Drive , and get in touch with us in case you don't find an app you’d like to pair Google Drive with!