Digital transformation has been the buzz around all businesses this year, especially given the change brought on with the pandemic. Most businesses have shifted to selling through digital and are working on expanding their online presence, but doesn’t working manually towards a digital goal just sound wrong to you?

The fact that it’s time consuming, expensive and leads to more time being spent on administrative rather than strategic work is enough to bother any salesperson, but it doesn’t end there. The opportunity cost of all the added analytics and insights a salesperson loses out on by not automating is the real nail in the coffin.

Automation through APIs can enable sales teams to create a single view access for streamlining all their tasks allowing them to maximize their productivity by making manual, time consuming, and repetitive tasks redundant.

How does automation help streamline online sales

Keeping a track of your leads: With digital sales, there are multiple marketing funnels where leads come in from, segmenting, documenting and initiating action towards these leads in a timely manner, requires a systematic approach. With integration you can create single view access by pouring in all your leads from different channels, in one application.

Order fulfilment: As a sales person, you should be spending more time acquiring new customers and less worrying about the paperwork for your current ones. This being said, sales is all about good experience and failing to provide your current customers timely service could be problematic in the long run. Automate your order fulfilment process using automation tools, so that everything right from order intimation, to tracking, payment and fulfilment is automated. Don’t waste hours creating shipment orders, sending confirmation emails, generating invoices and reminders when you can do all of this with a click.

Calculating your ROI: Sales is a performance driven job, your activities should be easily measurable. Use automation to set up parameters that automatically show/track progress of different projects, employees and ad campaigns. Know exactly how well your sales are doing. With integration a more data driven approach can be taken to understanding your sales, which will then lead to a more qualitative approach towards nurturing it, this helps you segment your audience and define a more measurable target audience.

Deliver a personalized sales experience: Keeping up with current leads, while finding new ones isn’t an easy task. Reselling and upselling to your current leads speaks volumes of your sales performance. With automation you can keep in touch with your current leads, without putting a heavy strain on your workload. Automate reminders to your leads for subscription plans, send customised deals and offers based on special occasions.

Automation does not need to be overly complicated or cumbersome to set up. In fact automation helps you build a dynamic and robust workflow model in a quick and inexpensive manner, allowing you to digitally transform with ease. Using Quickwork’s no code platform you can build your sales automations in a few minutes. To know more about building automations without using code, read this article.

To know more about building an integrated sales workflow model, and digitally transforming your business with APIs get in touch with us.