Are you struggling to manage multiple client profiles and projects at work?

Is your organization reliant entirely on the IT team during system implementations?

Do you think the processes you follow are inadequate and out of the trend that pulls back your workday?

If you shook your head YES, you are not alone!

"According to the no code economy survey 2021, 29 % of employees are stuck with some projects due to lack of technical resources, and about 50% of projects are often delayed."

The Healthcare sector is booming, and it is majorly influenced by the pandemic and stands out significantly. Healthcare organizations were already started embracing the digital transformation and are ready to adapt to the industry's future.

With limited budgets, resources, and ever-evolving patient needs, there is no time to wait for help and deal with these outdated and inefficient processes. A new change in the healthcare technology provides a unique way to handle all these pitfalls by holding the providers and hospital systems back.

So, what drives the change?

The answer is 'The rise of no code automation platforms!'

What is a no code automation platform?

No code automation platform offers the way to plan, execute and manage the workflows efficiently by integrating and automating the multiple applications on one platform. Without technical expertise, one can build their workflow journeys, automate the processes, and simplify the complex one.

According to Gartner's report in January 2021, by 2025, 70% of new applications developed by enterprises will use no-code or low-code technologies. This has increased from 25% in 2020 to 70% in 2021.

Let's dive into how no code and low code have helped the healthcare industry. Here are some interesting use cases from Quickwork that can help you understand better.

Use case 1

Modernizing diabetes management to provide better patient care

Gone are the days to maintain physical records; no code automation platform automates the numerous readings from diabetic devices, fitness, and biometric equipment. It helped a lot with automated data capture, management, storage, and tracking the data at your fingertips. Quickwork integrated the top application stack and automated the potential workflow journeys for the client to achieve the above objective.

Use case 2

Sharing data from IoT wearable devices to monitor the health

The healthcare center that maintains a healthcare community for the people has a challenge in keeping records physical with numerous readings from diabetic devices, fitness, and other metrics from patients to understand their health tracks. Quickwork integrated the Electronic Health Records (EHR), Salesforce, and other vital applications and automated the workflows using IoT technology. After that, the client could quickly access the holistic view of participants' health metrics and reduce their manual effort, saving much time.

Use case 3

Electronic transfer of laboratory reports to public health systems

Maintaining and managing multiple laboratory reports and investigations of patients is a complex process. The reports should go from lab to hospital and to healthcare systems and the public health departments that include many manual processes. Quickwork automation platform helped the client by integrating all the manual process applications and automating the patient's data as inter-operable between departments and established laboratory information management systems.

Use case 4

Helping life science companies accelerate time to market

The collection of clinical research data has become a challenge for a reputed life sciences company, increasing the time to market their pharmaceutical products. Quickwork – Workflow automation platform integrated the analytical CRO and other applications and automated the workflows. Now, the company can reuse R&D data and services across all the clinical research organizations and partners and migrate the unlocked data into analytical tools like Azure HD insights, Tableau. It helped a lot to get real-time updates, consistent data, and collaboration across the disparate ecosystem of CROs, which reduced the time to market and accelerated the process.

There are many use cases that Quickwork was efficiently handled and deployed the services in the healthcare industry.

Advantages of no code automation for the healthcare industry

Minimizes the dependency on IT teams

When your IT team isn't available to support you in emergency need, it is not easy to get in their queue, and many complex software systems need coding. You no longer need to depend on the IT team to build tests and launch the new workflows using the no code workflow automation platforms.

Reduces turnaround time

As a healthcare professional, you might get engaged in facilitating engagement with multiple patients each day. While traditional software may require months to learn, the no code automation tools can help develop the new software or workflows within a week.

It helps turn the complex into simple.

Most healthcare organizations struggle to achieve data interoperability goals. The inaccuracy of data from paper to tackling the inconsistency with data integration across tools is a big challenge. It is very tough to streamline the healthcare processes, and as a result, it may also lead to data silos that impact security, productivity, and management. No code automation or iPaaS can help you solve that.

Take control of everything you do

No code automation platform gives you complete control from end-to-end workflows in healthcare organizations and life sciences companies. From depending on IT to implement a tool or update integration that needs approval and tracking down the paperwork, there is plenty of roadblocks that can be dealt with with no code automation for healthcare today.

Take away

No code automation platform like Quickwork keeps the power to build in your hands and allows you to update robust workflows. You can oversee the entire workflow from start to finish and fix all the bottlenecks in the journey. Connect with the Quickwork automation platform for all your healthcare automation needs. It is probably the best no code automation for the healthcare industry. Register today for exciting offers.