The most effective way to encourage the visitors to your business, engage paying customers, improve conversion rate to get people signup, register with their email address. You may spend more time on social platforms for exciting news, but nothing is quite as efficient as email marketing campaigns. Every marketing effort should combine to achieve the primary goal.

What if you need to do it all manually?

Tough! Isn't it?

It's tough to manage every small and repetitive process that is involved in marketing. But marketing automation does!

Yes! You heard it right, and that is where 'ActiveTrail' comes in.

Let's dive into the ActiveTrail now!

What is ActiveTrail?

ActiveTrail is the end-to-end online marketing automation platform equipped with the best tools to plan, create, measure, and deploy marketing campaigns across different marketing channels. It is a simple and highly customizable tool for marketers today.

Features of ActiveTrail

Automation of marketing techniques  - The app offers a powerful marketing automation system that helps stream the regular marketing activities and maximizes the overall campaign performance.

Email marketing and SMS marketing- It provides an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface for building automated workflows. It gives an auto-responding system that reacts using the triggers and behavior.

Mail and Newsletter templates –Predefined email templates that are easily customizable for an effective email campaign.

Signup and lead forms builder – Powerful Signup and lead forms builder provides an intuitive form to capture the potential leads and helps in the conversion process.

Landing pages - The triggers are set in automation flows embedded on the landing pages or website to track visitor activity.

A/B testing – Automatic competitor analysis and campaign performance testing enable users to understand better and enhance the performance.

Visual automation - The visual automation builder visualizes the logic behind the email sequence or an SMS marketing campaign.

Active and on-site behavioral triggers- It also leverages the real-time behavior data and delivers the individual journey and experiences across multiple marketing channels.

Reporting and real-time analytics - The marketing automation feature provides dynamic segmentation to boost the overall efficiency of the emails. It helps in reaching the right people at the right time and hence improves the conversion rates. It solidifies the customer relationships and establishes a better identity to the company

Advantages of ActiveTrail

Innovative tool that helps increase the workflows with ease and react to the user's engagement and the preferences

Landing page creator with definitive features that can build and design the landing pages

Provides Dynamic signup forms and implementation of website and landing page

Offers an array of enticing SMS packages within the software without the need to go to software.

Predictive Delivery with an innovative tool that sends automatic newsletters and more

Ways to Integrate and Automate ActiveTrail with Quickwork:

·  Automatically update ActiveTrail contacts to the Google Sheets spreadsheets.

· Update Salesforce leads when a new contact is updated

· Add new PayPal clients as subscribers to ActiveTrail groups

· Add conversations automatically on Google Hangouts

· Add contacts to a group for new webhooks

· And more to try with the Quickwork Automation Platform.


ActiveTrail offers two flexible packages that integrate different pricing programs. The email package contains a value based on the number of contacts. There are nine plans for this, starting at $ 7 / month for up to 500 contacts. The price goes up with many connections up to $ 194 / month for 60,000 contacts. You can get a custom value for a considerable number of contacts.

With the SMS Package, seven plans are available starting at $ 41 / month for 500 SMS and $ 1,511 / month on the other side for 25,000 SMS. A quote-based system is provided if you need a large volume of SMS.

The email package comes with unlimited emails and landing pages, and both email and SMS packages offer complete automation, surveys, integration, mobile applications, and advanced analysis.

Summing it up

Explore more ways to integrate and automate ActiveTrail with Quickwork Workflow Automation Platform. Try now!