The idea of digitisation influences many pharma industries; a few things like code-run and program based features are still becoming barriers.

But have you heard about No code automation platforms?

Yes, that is what we will be talking about, and they will definitely not scare out any pharma business but can accelerate them well.

Digital platforms have the power to bring the process, people and data together, which helps improve the speed and engage people in productivity tasks that foster better problem solving and innovation.

Pandemic pushed many companies to step ahead into the digital transformation. Now the digital transformation is focusing on improving overall operational efficiency. It provides an integrated approach to patient care, automated administration, clinical processes and enhanced innovation, delivering better patient outcomes.

Pharma companies are searching for ways to become more productive and efficient and leverage digital technologies to transform their business. No code automation for the pharma industry opens up new horizons in the domain. Being a no code automation platform and trusted iPaaS, we have experienced many clients from the pharma industry, and automation helped a lot and sorted their challenges.

No code automation

No code for pharma is the best way to take digitisation to the core of the business. The concept of digitisation isn’t new in the pharma industry, but automating the workflows and processes without writing any code is something new and essential to today's industry.

Challenges in the pharma industry

·    Time and resource shortage

·    Slow travel time of products and slow market

·    Redundant processes in the sales and marketing pipeline

·    Lacking a full-pledged technological environment

·    No proper security

Here are some real stories on how no code automation helped the pharma industry address the above challenges and moved towards growth.

We helped several pharma companies achieve their goals and objectives and solve their roadblocks.

Here is how a leading pharma company leveraged iPaaS and Data Analytics for research and development:

A renowned pharma company faces challenges with disparate data sources as they cannot generate proper insights for further research and development on rare diseases.

We integrated the data in silos from disparate legacy systems and databases into a central repository. Data collected is moved to an analytical tool to detect patterns and get insights.

This helped pharma companies visualise data and predict patient data and therapies for uncommon diseases. We have integrated and automated many applications together for the above process to bring a potential impact that saved time and money, reduced errors, and helped those making better decisions.

It’s not just about one company; by using the best no code automation platform for pharma,

·    Helps reduce time to market

·    Streamlines inquiry processes across sales reps, partners, clinics etc.

·    Enable doctor and patient engagement

·    Doctor engagement with the company

·    Employee induction automation

·    Self-service Chatbots

·    Automating HR department and more

Some good reasons why we believe that no code should be used to create applications in pharma

Most pre-made apps are created exclusively for the market they originate in and fail to provide assistance or controls across borders. They limit growth, but no code platforms help enhance all aspects as per the needs.

The readily available apps are built with the objective of one size fits for all but are not adequate for most organisations. Application edits and new feature add-ons are easy and flexible if you choose no code automation for pharma.

The cross-platform functionality can be easily integrated into applications developed by citizen developers. They run on other systems, from traditional applications to different ones, and the same thing goes for scaling and maintenance. Updates from the backend helps update stuff in front of a no code platform.


Allowing technical pharma employees to come from their background, use their existing expertise, and develop the applications they need can lead to rapid problem solving and a feeling of empowerment in the solution-finding process.

No-code for pharma takes the technology from an application to an innovative solution.