If you are working on multiple projects and juggling between the tasks while managing your entire team updates on different channels, it's time for Avaza.

Yes, Avaza – A new automated and scalable project management tool.

What is Avaza?

Avaza is a cloud-based resource management and collaboration tool that helps businesses efficiently achieve projects and tasks on time. It integrates resource and expense management and offers task tracking—online payments as the main features. Users can collaborate on different projects with online clients and drag and drop files and tasks when required.

Teams can also initiate the discussions, exchange emails, and access the critical project updates and notifications from the platform's activity feeds. The platform is a web-based one where users can get access from any device from anywhere.

Features – Avaza

Avaza integrates all the features, functionalities, and teams needed for managing projects into centralized systems. It automates critical business processes like invoice generation, expense management, project management, task preparation, notification delivery, and monitoring. Also enables users to work from any device

Integrated tool

Avaza is considered a unified project management and collaboration software as it seamlessly integrates all the essential features and functionalities to meet the team's needs. With this tool, users who are offering consultancy, freelance, or professional services to clients no longer need to utilize and maintain multiple tools to complete their projects efficiently and effectively; enabling them to monitor the progress of project tasks, prepare and send quotes, and invoices to clients and handling timesheets of team members or staff all from within a single system.

Business processes automation

The project management and collaboration tool automates

many processes related to projects. For example, the permit allows users to instantly generate invoices or projects out of estimates and track expenses in an automated manner. They can also automatically send out notifications to team members so they can later input the necessary information and details into their timesheets.

Quick progress monitoring

Monitoring the progress of projects and tasks using Avaza can be done intuitively. It allows users to organize and display the tasks team members need to perform on Kanban boards or task lists and add all the essential files and documents they have to work on. Avaza's user interface is simple and easy to use, allowing users to set up tasks and move them across the user interface through drag-and-drop.

Cloud-based software tool

Avaza is a web-based software, so it runs and operates on a system that leverages the power of the cloud. As a result, users can access and utilize the tool online via a web browser without the need to do any download. They can work on their projects on any device they want, giving them convenient and mobile work environments.


The platform offers three different plans along with the free plan.

Start-up plan $11.95 USD/mo

Basic Plan $23.95 USD/mo

Business $47.95 USD/mo


Connect Avaza to your existing technology stack using the Quickwork automation platform in a breeze. All you need to do is register and start your free automation journeys.