Integrating the technology and automating the workflows is the key to accelerating your entire workforce on the success lane. Quickwork helps businesses integrate and automate thousands of apps seamlessly and simplifies the complex workflows in a breeze without needing a single line of code. Don't give much time to your hesitation; think about staying competitive and improving your quality and business process.

Sometimes, when you want to connect with your favorite apps, and you might not be able to connect a few things which those apps can't do, the solution is the customization of your workflows.

Quickwork built a collection of tools that can help you customize the workflows even better. These tools help in scheduling the workflows, visualizing the insights, building conversation bots, maintaining databases, and a lot more in the box.

Let's round up all the Quickwork Apps now!

Apps by Quickwork

Charts By Quickwork

Have you ever wanted to make your data look more visually appealing but found it increasingly difficult to coordinate to get an infographic or visual representation made to integrate with your website or an app? Then Charts By Quickwork is for you! You can now create 2D and 3D line, pie, bar charts with ease, and the best part is they're API friendly!

Conversation Management by Quickwork

Conversation Management by Quickwork is a messaging platform that creates excellent and best-suited virtual assistants and human-agent services for you. From FAQ bots, social messaging, and quick reply bots to context-enabled Chatbots, It is the most reliable and efficient to serve the assistant service for your customers seamlessly. The Chatbots are multi-lingual, create a live user experience, and help answer AI queries in real-time.

You get a combination of automated chatbots and a conversation manager for effective customer service. On the Quickwork platform, you can build automated chatbots on messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, etc., and then connect them with conversation management by Quickwork to bring in that human support your customers need.

Databases by Quickwork

Databases by Quickwork are similar to cross-reference tables. It allows you to look up frequently used efficiently in a journey. Data in Databases are typically organized like a database table, with columns and rows of data.

JSON Parser by Quickwork

Specially built for developers out there, an app that takes your RAW data and allows you to parse it into JSON format seamlessly. In simple terms, it translates RAW code language into organized language that can be read and understood by people who aren't too technical.

PDF Filler By Quickwork

HTML To PDF is an application that allows you to create a PDF out of any webpage you see instantly. If you deal with lengthy forms or create multiple invoices, you're going to love this. The best part is that it takes margin sizes, orientation, and the page background to ensure that your PDF looks neat and well organized.

QR Code by Quickwork

The app helps make seamless payments through the gateway and allows you to convert a plain text to a QR code and vice-versa. This app is beneficial for any e-business or individual trying to set up easy access to online payments for themselves.

RSS by Quickwork

RSS feeds are the best way to keep up with your favorite websites. It combines the Quickwork in-built RSS tool. The feeds can push any information to the thousands of apps without manual work. It lets you post the articles from your blog or website to multiple social media platforms. One can save bookmark report scales from the website in bookmarking apps.

Scheduler by Quickwork

It's a trigger-based application created by Quickwork that allows you to schedule tasks. You can now decide when you want to send or execute tasks and how frequently you want to send messages, i.e., setting time intervals between messages or tasks and creating alerts/notifications to send or execute tasks regularly.

Utilities by Quickwork

At Quickwork, we like to make things as simple as possible. That's why we built Utilities! It's an app that takes complicated processes like encoding, decoding, data transforming, conversions, and format specifiers. It simplifies them by helping you navigate through all these processes strategically so they can be accomplished within minutes rather than hours or days.

Wrapping up

The above applications are by Quickwork, which allows you to customize your workflows and integrate your favorite applications that simplify the complex and redundant processes involved in your workflows.

Try Quickwork Apps, and let us know your feedback and suggestions!