Millions of applications get added on the cloud every year - this has created an ocean of applications for us to choose from to get our work done. There is an application on cloud for every need, whether for consumers or businesses.

Though an application generally serves its' purpose in its own capacity, it becomes essential for a business to get multiple applications connected with each other to solve a problem. Imagine the last time your company converted a lead to deal, where multiple applications were involved for capturing leads, moving sales stages, sending quotations, sharing agreements and creating invoices and more just to perform a single business operation.

Businesses need multiple applications to get something done, and they should be able to work in perfect harmony with each other to make work more efficient, effective, manageable and fun.

The challenge however, remains in the difficulty and complexity involved in connecting these applications with each other - this involves reading and understanding technical documentation, coding and programming and provisioning cloud infrastructure with monitoring tools to ensure availability as needed. Moreover, when there is a business or technical change required, it becomes even more difficult to manage, implement, transition and go live with such changes.

In the age of hyper competition, where businesses compete mostly on speed of execution or getting things done faster, Quickwork begins the new era of integration and automation with its no code automation platform - we offer consumer- like ability to connect applications with each other and build automation journeys on an enterprise- grade platform which is secure and works on scale.

Our mission is to democratize integration and automation - make it easy and accessible to everyone and our journey has just begun.

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