Marketing teams generate leads from multiple sources through various communication channels and add them to CRM like Salesforce, for allocation to salespersons.

One popular messaging channel used by businesses to capture leads from websites is Intercom. Intercom helps a business to acquire, engage and support visitors who come to the company’s website and convert them into qualified leads. These leads are then added to Salesforce, which maintains a record of customer and user contacts, keeping a tab of business sales activity, profit and loss margins, expected outcomes and also campaign management mechanisms.

Quickwork recognises and understands this business need and has come up with an appropriate path for the same, offering a pre-built lead sync journey.

The Intercom-Salesforce lead sync automation journey enables data around leads and engagement conversations captured by Intercom to be added to Salesforce in real-time.

The journey is designed to handle ‘prevention of duplicate record creation’ in Salesforce, so that the customer database remains clean and useful. To achieve this however, we require that the client helps us with field specific criteria, that will guarantee that the copies won’t be made dependent on set criteria that we pick. This will result in no new lead getting created, if the user’s contact information has been previously entered.

In the above automation journey, Intercom has been used as an example of a messaging channel used to engage website visitors and convert them into qualified leads. Intercom can be replaced with other messaging channels like Drift, Kommunicate or Quickwork Chat, if needed by the client. Further, leads from other ATL (above the line) and BTL (below the line) marketing channels can also be captured and added to Salesforce, with prevention of duplicate record creation.

With Quickwork, automatically sync all leads generated by your marketing team with Salesforce, quickly!