The phrase no code automation has been all the rage in the tech industry lately. But what exactly is all this buzz about? We’re here to address all your questions about no code automation, and help you map out a clear journey to automation.

What is No code automation?

No code automation refers to automating software without using any coding knowledge, usually done with the help of a no code platform like Quickwork Journey Builder. No code platforms, come with pre configured applications that can be integrated with each other by following a series of simple steps. This essentially allows any individual to set up his/her own automated workflows without any technical knowledge. To break it down no code automation refers to no code platforms that make APIs and integration accessible and easy to use for everyone. Essentially allowing individuals to connect multiple applications, seamlessly exchange data and set up advanced workflows in a matter of minutes.

Is No code the same as low code?

No Code automation is often clubbed along with low code automation in articles and other literature, however it is important to know the distinction between the two. No code automation is not the same as low code automation. Low code automation refers to platforms that allow users to build automations/applications up to a certain point, but require a certain amount of coding to finish things off. This is usually taken care of by developers.

Whereas no code automation refers to an automation platform that allows users to build end to end automations from scratch without using any code.

How does a No code automation platform work?

No code automation platforms work by taking care of all the coding on the backend. This means that any user can login and create automations without any coding knowledge. No code platforms work by users simply selecting what they want to do by dragging and dropping tools, actions and triggers. They can focus on dictating the commands rather than worrying about their execution. What does this exactly mean?

This means that any individual can build an automation by simply selecting their commands, dragging them and dropping them without any need to code. This doesn’t mean that automations are happening without any coding at all. All the coding is being done on the backend by the platform itself, basically no code platforms do the heavy lifting of coding allowing users to build automations based on their needs without having to learn how to.

How can No code automation help you?

We’re living in the middle of a digital revolution, one where all work is done with the help of technological intervention. The need for new softwares and technology can significantly help improve the workflow for any individual and business, however the resources to match this need might not always be accessible to all. This is where no code automation kicks in. No code automation platforms make it easy for anyone and everyone to achieve a certain level of automation in their daily workflows without the need for any technical knowledge. You can set up a fully automated workflow without using any code.

Essentially no code automaton decentralizes technology, reducing the load on IT professionals and engineers to handle all tech requirements and equipping all human beings with access to internet with the tools to connect their applications and build automations. No code automation platforms can help you automate your workflow independently, quickly and cost effectively. It also allows you the freedom to automate now and scale as you grow.

With no code platforms, you can explore a whole library of automations to leverage the best performance from your applications and data. Streamline your work and get in touch with us to know more about automating your journey with no code platforms like Quickwork now!