What is Git?

Git is a free and open-source distributed version control management system that provides centralized and distributed models. It is used to coordinate the workflow among project team members and track their progress over time. It also benefits both programmers and non-technical users by keeping track of their project files.

What is GitHub?

GitHub is a web-based hosting site that provides a graphical interface to access git repositories. It is one of the most popular platform on the internet for coders to publish and collaborate on code. If you are a programmer, adding a code or project to GitHub increases the visibility of your work. You can then use the command line to make and keep track of any changes.

GitHub is a go-to platform for programmers. It is the world’s largest code-sharing community. Using the GitHub interface, coders can host projects and share code with friends or the public. You can store your work in one centralized place, review previous versions, and share your work with other team members. Using Git, coders keep track of any changes made to their programs. GitHub also provides a GUI for working with Git, with visualizations of branches and commits from over 30 million users.

Pre-built journeys

When a new ticket is added via Freshdesk, create a new issue on GitHub

Use this workflow

Make a new Github issue from newly added Airtable records

Use this workflow

When a new issue on GitHub is created, create a corresponding new JIRA issue

Use this workflow

When a new JIRA issue is created, create a corresponding new GitHub issue

Use this workflow

Top apps to integrate with GitHub

  • Trello: Create Trello cards from new GitHub issues
  • Slack: Get direct messages on Slack for new GitHub mentions
  • Google Sheets: Add new GitHub issues to Google Sheets as new spreadsheet rows
  • Twitter: Share new GitHub commits on Twitter
  • Gmail: Create GitHub issues from new emails on Gmail [Business Gmail Accounts Only]
  • Todoist: Add new GitHub issues to Todoist as new tasks

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