Wix is a website building wizard, enabling virtually anyone to create a stunning website without any practical knowledge of web design or coding. E- commerce, video platform, work portfolio, whatever your requirement be, Wix is your go to. Their easy to use interface, hundreds of pre-made templates, and step wise instructions to build your website, make the process simple and fun, and their comparative pricing plans based on your requirements make it economical and accessible to all.

Wix offers a much lower and economical base monthly subscription fee to set up your own website as compared to its competitions. However, this is just the starter plan, and while it comes bootstrapped with a lot of features on hand, the rather advanced ones that can help you streamline your workflow are paid ones that you have to hunt through their App Store, each coming with their own limitations.

What if we told you there was an inexpensive and equally easy way to fully customise your website. With APIs and our no code platform, you can integrate your website with all the applications in your toolkit, helping you seamlessly streamline and scale the way you work! You can automate the work on your website in a matter of minutes, helping you take care of marketing, communications, projected management and practically anything/everything you need.

5 automated journeys to transform your website

Here’s a list of automations that will help you take your website to the next level:

  1. Mail Integration: Integrate Gmail with Wix and create automated journeys to send out templatised emails, add contacts to your mailbox, automatically transfer new information received from your website to your mailbox, create drafts, add attachments, and much more by integrating your mail with your website.
  2. Salesforce: Connect Salesforce or any CRM app that you currently use, with your WIX website, automatically synchronise sales, and new leads into your CRM app writhin minutes. Within minutes set up an automation that will save you hours of logging and managing you leads in the future!
  3. Shiprocket: Keep a track of your shipments, automate the process in minutes by setting a trigger for whenever a new order is generated on wix, this trigger will automatically add the contact details of the buyer from his/her account info into your contacts library on Shiprocket, allowing you to generate invoices quickly.
  4. Google Sheets: Checking Analytics, keeping track of your contacts, managing inventory, handling expenses shouldn’t be a hassle, but yet when things begin to add up, keeping a track of everything becomes hectic and time consuming. Manually creating lists and marking your to do always leaves a scope for error of missing out. With the help of Quickwork Journey Builder you can quickly automate the way you process your information. Create triggers for actions you need listed, like your payments, website views, new contacts, etc and automate these tasks to Google Sheets. This way your Google Sheet will automatically be updated each time something new gets triggered on your website, making it easier for yo to keep a check on things.
  5. Chats: Offering customer support on your website is super helpful, but its of no use unless you’re active on the platform. Wix addons will allow you to pay and connect your WhatsApp number or your Facebook messenger onto your website, but from there on, you’re on your own. With the help of APIs you can create a fully automated chatbot that can connect multiple agents through a single number, handle client messages, send automated responses during your off hours and pull out links and information from your website in the chat to quickly share with customers as well.

These 5 journeys are just the tip of the possibilities that using APIs can open up for your website. APIs can help you fully customise a website you build on a website builder in a matter of minutes. Third party apps allow you the freedom and resources to scale with ease, and you can automate possibly any routine or repititive task through integration. Get in touch with us to know more about automating your website for better results!