Work hard, play harder. Learning things should be fun, and we've found some playful APIs to make learning about automation interesting. Check out these quirky APIs, and kickstart your automation journey by building some creative automated journeys.

Before we start though let's cover the basics of APIs and automation.

What exactly are APIs?

API stands for application programming interface, it’s basically a broad term to describe how different applications interact/communicate with each other. There are various kinds of APIs but in this article we’ll be focusing on REST APIs.

REST APIs work on a request-response cycle, this basically means that data from one computer to another is shared via one computer asking/requesting for data and the other computer known as the server, sending back the data that’s been requested.

APIs can be connected together using little to no code using automation platforms like Quickwork.

For the APIs we’ve mentioned though you can call and test these APIs from your browser itself by using your web browser and writing basic code.

If you’re interested in knowing more about automation and APIs you can check out our Quickwork Guides.

Now that we’ve covered the basics let’s jump into the list of fun and quirky API’s we’ve found and loved over the internet!

  1. The Dog API

Dogs define the happy place of the internet! For your daily dose of aww check out The Dog API. This API allows you to search for information on different dog breeds, look for cute dog photos and more! Click here to know more about the dog API.

2. Fun translations

We already have Google Translate, why do I need another API to translate for me?

While Google Translate is super handy, it doesn’t cover all the fun pop culture dialects and languages across fictional universes. This API covers 50+ languages like Dothraki, Klingon, Yoda and much more. Click here to get your fill of geek!

3. Deck of cards

Virtual game nights have been all the rage lately! Take your game nights a step further with the Deck of Cards API that allows you to create your own customisable card decks. Personalise your game nights for a more fun and unique experience. Click here to get started.

4. jService

Want to add more to the mix with your game nights? Spice things up by building your own trivia app, this could be a great idea for virtual get togethers and parties. Click here to build your own trivia without having to worry about any of the backend stuff.

5. Pokémon API

Saving the cute for last, the Pokémon universe is big and constantly evolving (pun intended), between the shows, movies and games keeping up with information from all regions and accessing all species is difficult. This API. Is like a real life Pokédex for all trainers that love everything Pokémon. Click here to get started with your Pokémon journey.

The joy of automating!

Whether it’s for making a fun website, a personalised gift or just something that interests you, these 5 APIs are a great way to spend your time getting familiar with using APIs.

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