Are you struggling to map your customer journeys?

Not able to build an efficient flow between the marketing systems?

Autopilot from Ortto is the best software that can help you!

What is Autopilot?

Autopilot is a cloud-based email marketing and marketing automation software. It helps connect the marketing systems and automates every customer touchpoint that helps convert the leads into customers. The built-in integrations like marketing, lead intelligence, and CR tools allow marketers to connect with customers using the medium consistently.

Features of Autopilot

Customer Data Management

You can access the unified customer journeys with Autopilot. The Autopilot platform allows you to connect the data, segment the audience and deliver a seamless customer experience.  Using no code integrations gives you the power to unlock the data from marketing, finance support, sales, and many other departments in your business into a single customer profile. You can discover the critical actions of the business and get a complete customer journey.

Customer behaviour tracking

Track customer behavior and their transactions across the lifecycle and segments based on the customer activity. You can also connect with the custom data resources and unlock the customer view using Autopilot’s API.

Marketing automation

Whenever a customer signs up for a product or a service, you can map their journey and connect with them with relevant and timely messaging to take them to the important milestones.

Audience Segmentation

Segment your audience based on the demographics, behavioural, transactional data, and event-based factors. The platform allows you to create dynamic segments and will keep them up to date in real-time, where you can focus on business growth.


Connect all your customer data using integrations. The Autopilot integrations features allow you to connect with multiple applications seamlessly without any blockers.

Website tracking

Autopilot tracks the audience behaviour on your website and automatically captures the audience's actions in real-time. Once the data is collected, the customer data will aid you in creating personalized content and lets you target the ads. It includes customer data capturing, a complete view of users, real-time interactions

Customer journey tracking

Autopilot tracks and automates the entire customer journey by using best-in-class software. From welcoming new customers to recovering the carts, the visual canvas helps build the customer journeys with ease. It supports you in making every customer journey a personalized one for the customers. You can also deliver the Omnichannel messages at a scale.

Marketing and sales playbooks

Always stay at the top throughout the marketing and sales pipeline using the playbooks. It helps automate the personalized content and target the audience that matters the most thereby helping to improve conversion rates. It helps automate the personalized content and target the audience that matters the most thereby helping to improve conversion rates. You can also use the A/B testing in order to craft high-performing subject lines and can track the high click and conversion rates.


Autopilot, which is now known as Ortto is the best marketing automation software that every business should have to grab the customers and retain them with all the automated efforts on this platform. Using the Quickwork automation and integration platform, you can integrate the Autopilot with your existing technology stack m.

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