Have you ever checked the google scanner where it scans objects and tells you the name of any object you came across in your life?

How is it possible?

It is all about the power of Artificial Intelligence and machine algorithms.

Nowadays machines have the capability of identifying places, people, objects and many other things with great accuracy and efficiency using AI.

Just like Amazon Rekognition!

What is Amazon Rekognition?

Amazon Rekognition is one such service built with deep learning models. It can understand useful information from the images. The data can be either video or a set of images, Amazon Rekognition recognizes it.

Basically, Amazon Rekognition is an image analysis service in the Amazon AI suite. By using the Amazon Rekognition API, enterprises enable the applications to recognize the objects. It also provides facial search capabilities more accurately.

To permit programs to come across items or scenes within a photo, Amazon Rekognition uses labels.  Amazon Rekognition service supports hundreds of different labels, that are implemented to precise objects, scenes or concepts observed in a photograph. Labels span a number of classes, including people and occasions, Animals and Pets, Nature and outdoors, and Transportation and motors. Users stumble on labels in a photograph via the DetectLabelAPI and can request a new label be made through AWS customer service.

To add facial reputation and analysis capabilities to a utility, clients can use the SearchFaces API and DetectFaces API. Customers can use the CompareFaces API to compare facial functions and the Recognize Celebrities API to perceive photographs with unique celebrities. Clients can also publish a picture to the Rekognition service as both an item in the Amazon simple storage provider (S3) or a byte array. Rekognition supports JPEG and PNG photograph codecs, and pix can be up to fifteen MB when exceeded as an S3 object, or up to five MB when exceeded as a byte array.

Key features – Amazon Rekognition


Amazon Rekognition helps in the identification of thousands of objects like automobiles, buildings and many other objects. It is also capable of detecting the parking lots, beach, city etc. When you are analysing video, you can identify the different activities as well.

Custom Labels

Custom labels help find the scenes in images and detect objects that meet your business needs. For instance, one can even identify the logos, products on store shelves and many others.

Content moderation

It helps in the identification of inappropriate, unwanted and offensive content. By using the Amazon Rekognition APIs in broadcast media, social media ensures a safer user experience.

Text Detection

Amazon Rekognition detects the text on videos and images and converts them into machine-readable text. You can also utilize the text to implement various solutions like visual search, navigation, filtering and content insights.

Face Detection and Analysis

By using Amazon Rekognition, you can quickly detect all the facial features in an image. You can also detect the characteristics like expressions that change over time.


Amazon Rekognition is widely used in  US-East, US-West, European and AWSCloud regions. Amazon costs for the service are primarily based on the wide variety of pics processed each month, further to any applicable garage costs.

Rekognition offers AWS Free Tier;new customers who use the carrier within the can examine upto 5000 pictures in step with first one year, and store up to 1000 faces for free of charge.

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