A customer relationship management (CRM) application that’s been around for 21 years, Salesforce started as an app for salesmen, which has now grown to cater to the needs of nonprofits and marketers as well. Salesforce has been around since the internet age, and they have intercepted the market through the years managing to consistently evolve with time. This has rightfully made  Salesforce a sales app that sells itself.

What is Salesforce and how can it help you?

Salesforce helps keep track of the entire sales cycle, right from when a lead comes in until a sale is locked in. You can use it to track a customers sales records, keep a timely check on when they’re up for renewals and upsells. It’s a well rounded app that allows you to manage your sales pipeline, with their CRM offering features to connect sales with marketing, finance and billing. Their tracking and analytics tools allow for easily measuring individual and team performance.

The main advantage of having Salesforce in your toolkit, is the personalisation it offers. The possibilities that Salesforce’s interface allows with integration is what makes it a truly user friendly and easy to use application. You can connect applications that help you with financing, scheduling, data analysis/ transfer and messaging to build a 360 degree platform to manage your sales funnel.

Applications you can connect Salesforce with!

With thousands of applications to choose from, starting from one can become difficult. Fret not, we’ve listed down some popular and useful applications to get you started with integration and Salesforce.

  • Google Sheets- Directly add leads from Google Sheet rows and much more.
  • Facebook -  Directly send Facebook lead Ad results into Salesforce and save them as new contacts.
  • Gmail- Connect the two applications and send alerts via Gmail anytime a new lead is generated in Salesforce.
  • Slack- Sync your task manager and CRM to streamline your communication.
  • Mailchimp- Send automated marketing emails to new leads that are created in Salesforce.
  • Eventbrite- Share new events with all your customer contacts stored in Salesforce with ease.
  • Typeform- Record form responses as new contacts in your CRM.
  • Google Calendar- Automatically create meetings from tasks in Salesforce.
  • Freshdesk- Connect the two apps and automatically create a task in Salesforce from tickets generated in Freshdesk.
  • Stripe- Directly accept payments from customers through connecting it with Salesforce, also allows you to keep a better track of your transactions.

These are just a few applications you can pair Salesforce with, explore our Salesforce page to know more about automating Salesforce, and get in touch with us in case you don't find an app you’d like to pair Salesforce with!