Do you own an educational institution?

Have you ever thought about how much time the teachers spent with students?

Do you wish they could spend some quality time understanding every student?

Did your staff has to improve productivity, or they lost their interest in serving better?

If your answer is yes

Then, your organization needs a ‘top no code integration platform’ to automate the most tedious and complex workflows involved in the education system.

The education system has undergone many transformations due to the pandemic, and it was slowly getting back to normal with innovations. Automating workflows can bring numerous benefits for the teachers, administrators, students, and overall management.

Teachers are the most significant role models in everyone’s life, and they motivate, guide, and teach us to earn degrees and make us the better version of ourselves with values. But, today, still in many educational institutions, teachers have no time to teach the values and discipline apart from the bookish knowledge because of the tedious tasks involved.

Not only teachers but there are also several other departments in the educational institutions that are handling the tedious tasks as a part of their workflows. As a result, the staff is losing productivity and lack interest in addressing the critical studies.

To transform the learning into knowledge, teachers, students and administration should have the right tools and resources. One such resource is automation. Automating redundant and time-consuming processes like attendance, grading, timetable, and others can save more in every aspect.

What is workflow automation?

What can it do to transform education into a qualitative one?

Workflow automation with no code

Automation is nothing but minimizing the manual workflows and mundane tasks using the technology. It helps to optimize the time and focus on accomplishing your goals. It improves the entire workflow’s overall efficiency and minimizes the error that crawls into the processes. No code automation works without the need for coding knowledge. That’s means you don’t need a dedicated technical person to implement workflow automation in the education sector. Anyone can apply automation using the best workflow management software.

What is the first step before applying workflow automation to your educational organization?

If you are searching for inspiration for your first automation project, here are some tips to get started.

Conduct a good meeting with your management, teachers, administration, and other faculty staff.

Ask them what frustrates the most in the present workflow processes

Observe how your staff is performing on everyday tasks

Note the repetitive and tedious tasks

Explore the possibilities to automate

What type of workflows can be automated in an educational institution?

Onboarding of students

Students onboarding is a significantly high-value activity that should be well-managed. Your organization has to provide a great experience to the students and provide support at every step. By automating with the best workflow automation software, you no need to worry about the missing pages in the forms. The applications can be processed automatically to the right staff. You can even set up automatic email, and text alerts triggered whenever an application arrives.


Teachers grade the homework, tests, and assignments for all the students. Some teachers have the support to assist in such tasks, but some don’t. By automating it with the best iPaaS for workflow automation, teachers can spend quality time with students to clarify their doubts and understand them better. It also helps to provide feedback quickly by using the top automation platform.

Attendance management

Automating workflows with the best workflow management tools makes you no need to worry about notebooks, registers, and papers. The digital attendance records automatically get stamped with the date and time. Teachers can mark the present or absent for students and automatically send a report to the concerned department without paperwork and submissions.

Back office processes

The support functions like HR and administration, marketing, and accounts generally have a lot of paperwork and manual tasks in the workflows. You can eliminate the physical paper forms and bring more efficiency and agility in the operations. Using the best iPaaS platform to automate workflows can resolve the tedious processes from the report cards to payslips.

Classes scheduling

By integrating the LMS using the best iPaaS workflow automation platform can save more time and effort in scheduling classes and many other redundant tasks involved in the workflow processes. It helps the administrators and teachers to focus more on the interactions with the students.

Audits and compliances

Educational institutions generally comply with many regulations. Audits, paperwork like compliances can be automated with no code automation platform. The on-field audits can be carried with mobile devices offline with signatures, capturing photographs, and attaching them to the audit.

The future of workflows automation in the education sector

Automation helps in achieving the goals and objectives of your educational organization in a more streamlined way. The automation journey is an opportunity to review and modernize your systems and take time back to spend on the needed more attention.

Workflow automation process for the education sector can bring a new ray of light to improve the overall efficiency, reduces the operational costs, and enhance the education system in every way that benefits the students not only to learn but acquire the knowledge, values, and more from their teachers and the system they follow.

Bottom line

With technology that constantly monitors student progress and learning patterns, Workflow management and automation will help teachers identify and address the gaps in their teaching methodologies. In addition to grading, handling assessments, scheduling, and more can ease the workflows, and it helps your overall staff to improve their work and boost productivity.

Not all innovation can help achieve your own goals in the education sector. However, let’s not be skeptical. Automation does not involve complicated math or algorithms, and it deploys and administers the workflows can be smooth and fun.

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