How do you feel when you receive a personalized push notification from your favorite app as a user?

Excellent, isn’t it?

Well, let’s see into a business perspective,

How to engage your customers with your business app?

How can you provide better updates with timely notifications & messages?

What is the most used mobile push messaging service?

The answer is ‘Amazon SNS.’

Let’s dive into more about Amazon SNS.

What is Amazon SNS?

Amazon SNS is the most popular, easy to configure mass communication service from the AWS service suite. It provides excellent support to the developers to send out an email: push notifications and SMS directly without needing an additional setup. You can send SMS or text messages to your recipients across 200 countries without a minimum or upfront fees in which you need to pay for what you use.

What is SNS in Amazon SNS?

Amazon SNS is a Simple Notification Service and is used to communicate with push messages from one application to the subscribing ends or other applications. It is a fully managed messaging service for application to application and application to person communication.

It provides an ability to create a logical access point and communication channel. Every topic has a unique name that identifies an SNS endpoint for publishers to post messages and notifications seamlessly.

Amazon SNS – How it works?

For every SNS topic, there is a set of subscriptions. Once the message gets published to a topic, the SNS distributes that message to all the subscribers. The subscribers can be AWS lambda functions, SQS queues, mobile push notifications, HTTP endpoints, email addresses, and mobile numbers capable of receiving the messages.

To publish a message to an SNS topic, the message producer uses the SNS HTTP API. Once the message gets published, the subscribers will receive a message copy via the channel subscription.

Subscribers can receive messages from different topics and apply filters on the same.  If the message doesn’t deliver, SNS will retry its delivery multiple times. SNS runs in numerous zones in AWS, ensuring that messages are sent and received in the right way even if one of the data centers in AWS is experiencing some downtime.

Amazon SNS features

Pre-programmed scaling – It is programmed to scale if the number of messages is increasing.

Encryption of messages – Provides encrypted topics that help in securing messages from unknown access. The messages get decrypted as they deliver to subscribing endpoints.

Notifications – Amazon SNS activated by user-driven actions within the application or from the business logic in the cloud. It is an affordable fanout mobile push notification that is compatible with any operating systems

Message filtering – Provides the filter policy modifications that enable the subscribers to push notifications for the interested customers only.

Message fanout – When a message is sent to a topic, it replicates and pushes multiple endpoints. It gives an asynchronous event notification which allows the processing parallel.

Email and SNS messages – Amazon SNS provides text messages and SMTP emails.

Advantages of AWS SNS

Delivers instantly – As the services depend on push-based delivery, pushed once the message on a topic gets published and delivered to multiple subscribers.

Affordable- as the service is based on the pay-as-you-use model, you can pay based on your usage without paying any upfront fees.

Simplified architecture – SNS is used to simplify the messaging architecture by offloading the message filtering logic from the subscribers and publishers. SNS sends the message to subscribers only on their interest.

Amazon SNS – Pricing

Amazon SNS offers up to one million requests, 100 SMS messages, 1000 emails, and 100,000 HTTPS calls for free of cost. It applies only if your AWS account is about 12 months old.

For detailed pricing, visit here.

Bottom line:

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