Want to drive more sales? Reduce the quantity of abandoned carts?
Get a confirmation for cash on delivery orders? Or answer customer queries instantly?

Check out our masterclass to learn  how to use integrations and APIs to automate e-commerce without any coding!

In one quick masterclass learn how to build an e-commerce chatbot on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger using your existing e-commerce store.

Session outline:

  1. Introduction to Quickwork Platform
  2. How to connect your e-commerce platform to Quickwork
  3. Hands on workshop to build:
  • Abandoned cart automation cash on delivery automation
  • Building a small e-commerce store on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger

Automation fest: masterclass

Check out the Automation Fest masterclass right here to learn and build your own automated workflows to streamline your e commerce workload!

About the speaker:

Krish Advani, Co-founder & VP Engineering, Quickwork

Krish is a passionate developer who is keenly pursuing his startup mission to 'democratize automation’. Krish was bitten by the automation bug at the tender age of 14 when he built his first automation, by combining services of Amazon Affiliate to automatically recommend products based on buyers’ previous purchases. Ever since, he believes that there is incredible power in building automations and strives to make automation accessible to everyone.

From co-founding Doctor Chaos, at the age of 15, to developing software solutions to solve the employability problem, or his other projects in the education and entertainment sector, Krish has always been recognized as a versatile software developer who is able to get things done.

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