The global market research company mainly focuses on brand advocacy and word-of-mouth advertising through women on a centralized platform. The platform is designed to encourage women to try new FMCG and Pharma products and share genuine reviews to which they can earn reward points. Along with that, each genuine review gives users reward points which are then donated to a leading non-profit organization.

A unique non-profit organization was established to support the schooling of unprivileged young girls. The organization has successfully formed a women's community where they advocate brands sharing genuine reviews of various FMCG and Pharma brands for sponsoring education for a girl child.

Every day, thousands of women engage with brands on the WOOP Platform. They provide genuine reviews and raise funds to support young girls' education. A total of 50 reward points help women sponsor one school hour.

Hiccups in the journey

The organization followed a manual and tedious process to collect and nurture the survey responses as a part of its marketing funnel. They chose Facebook Ad leads to generate leads by collecting mobile numbers and email addresses which are then stored in Microsoft Excel sheets.

They chose Facebook to generate leads by collecting the leads that are captured and organized to generate analytical reports that would help generate meaningful business insights

The challenge here is managing multiple excel files with different collaborators and manually filtering data for duplications and audience type based on the targeting. This whole process was manual and  time consuming that pulls down productivity and increases chances of human error.

Lead Management Automation – A way to go!

Qualifying, connecting and turning the leads into prospects, then to customers. Tracking and engaging at different touch points across multiple channels is highly complex and challenging. Thanks to Lead Management Automation, a magic wand for businesses. Automation helps in eliminating duplicates, manual processes, and data entries.

It also helps automate the lead nurturing, boosts productivity, and keeps the leads and customers engaged with your business.

How does Quickwork help non-profit organizations in Lead

Management Automation?

Quickwork analyzed Challenges encountered or faced in the business process flow and automated the entire flow of information using Quickwork.platform. Applications such as Facebook Lead Ads, MySQL, Survey AnyPlace, and Deep email validator were integrated and automated in the business process.

This automation  helped the global market research company to collect data from multiple sources from different lead ads. The data that is collected is transformed which removes duplicates and errors of any. Finally, the data related to the different marketing segments get stored and analytical reports are generated.

Hence, this solution simplified the lead management process which saved a lot of time, and helped the company generate automated reports from different market segments without any hassle.

Using Quickwork, the company is able to focus more on the important things and less on the manual effort of automating the lead management process. The customer does 400K + transactions every month and has improved their operational efficiency by 15%.