Are you tired of managing your CRM and admin activities? Managing the CRM, invoicing, marketing inventory, tracking all together is a bit tough to handle.

But not anymore with Axonaut!

What is Axonaut?

Axonaut is a cloud-based solution that helps small businesses streamline the administrative processes involved in customer relationship management, invoicing, marketing, and tracking the inventory. The professionals can use this platform to get suitable prospect files, workflows, sales team tasks, agendas, and more.

Features of Axonaut

Built-in CRM

Axonaut application has an inbuilt CRM, which helps manage the entire contacts list in one place. It helps build efficient customer relationships and makes it more accessible and productive. It is swift and easy to use. It helps in integrating the emails and the calendar. Management of the sales cycles will become very easy with the Axonaut CRM feature.

Quotes and Invoices

Axonaut quotes and invoices feature helps generate branded quotes and invoices. It helps in the conversion of the quotations and invoices with one click. The good thing is its eSignature feature and convenience in managing the deposits, invoicing status, balances, and recurring invoices. It also enables Stripe and GoCardless for online payments.

Finance Statistics and Insights

Management of the revenues, expenses and cash flow becomes very easy with Axonaut. Get your bank account linked for accurate reconciliation and view the digitized invoices and receipts. The app also allows you to monitor your financial transactions and account balances with statistics.

Managing Expenses

Axonaut allows you to transform the accounting tasks and customize the export process and the formats. It helps you to manage the company-related accounting codes as well. It also helps in automating the expenses, sales, and taxes together. You can also access the custom file formats for your account department.

Other features

Axonaut helps to create and manage email and text message campaigns. The group and segment mailing lists in this application help adopt better targeting.

You can manage the team and associated expenses with the staff registry. Manage the vacations and others with the visual planner.

Manage the after-sales service with ease and collaborate in a better way. Create, share and comment on the raised tickets and establish superior customer service.

Provide the customers with a secured and dedicated space and get notified whenever a customer views the quote, which helps in close targeting. You can also access the overall statistics on the total time spent on the document and much more.

Integrate and automate your business sales process with a no code automation platform

Axonaut is compatible with over 14000 apps which allows customizing the interface. By choosing the Quickwork platform, you can integrate and automate the Axonaut with thousands of apps that seamlessly fit your workflows.

Want to know how to integrate and automate Axonaut with the Quickwork platform?

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