Email marketing helps businesses connect with the audience to promote the brand and improve potential sales. You can share the news, improve the cart abandonment rate, sell products, and tell your story. Connecting with the best email marketing platform is equally important, just like your marketing strategy. BigMailer helps agencies establish effective email marketing.

What is BigMailer?

BigMailer is a popular email marketing platform that is helpful for agencies and marketers. It helps manage bulk, auto, and drip email campaigns in one place. The platform was built for managing multiple brands and can be optimized for agencies, consultants, franchises, etc. It supports the auto/drip and transactional email campaigns with a complete unified subscriber view.

It improves the overall workflows as the platform offers unlimited brands, templates, image hosting without any additional charges on the plans. It is ideal for agencies, large teams, and businesses with multiple products.

Features of BigMailer

Unlimited users

On BigMailer, you can add unlimited brands from the dashboard. Brands can refer to the websites, products, and clients. You can also categorize them based on their needs, making it easier to manage. It also helps in inviting and managing the users to check these brands. You can give your roles varying at different levels over the brands.

Unlimited lists

Define the lists from the various brands based on the collection source. Create unlimited lists based on the signup forms, roles of subscribers, or even the manual exports. Get easy access to check details regarding the complaints, bounces, clicks, etc.

Customized templates

BigMailer offers you two editable templates: a classic HTML editor, and the other is a simple drag and drop builder. The first one helps you lead and edit the branded templates, and the other one lets you build the best mobile optimized templates without any graphic design skills.

Advantages of BigMailer

Message types

Using BigMailer defines messages into several other categories like newsletters, offers, product updates, and more. Use the message types to let your audience decide what kind of emails they expect from the brand. If they are not interested in the updates but want to check the special offers, they can opt-out of the updates and remain subscribed to your business offers.


BigMailer helps you segregate and categorize the lists and campaigns based on the customized defined columns. By using the categorization and segmentation features, you can focus on the campaigns on specific demographic data.

You can create a strategy based on that and check the engagement rate of the email when it is clicked and opened by your subscribers.

Geo-location functionalities

The geolocation functionality helps your marketing campaigns mainly target specific location-based subscribers. This feature is implemented in BigMailer, which allows businesses to import the IP addresses every time a customer utilizes the signup forms. The address can be converted into the top five locations to focus on the campaigns.


BigMailer offers three different pricing plans that are different in functions and features. All plans have similar tools and features, but the limitations will be additional. The subscribers can enjoy unlimited brands, lists hosting images, templates, forms, custom addresses, etc.

It offers four different plans- Start-up, Business Basic, Business pro, and Agency. Connect with this link to check the pricing in detail.


BigMailer can easily integrate with no code Quickwork platform, where you can connect multiple apps and automate your marketing workflows even better. BigMailer is the best choice for your email marketing needs with its multiple arrays of unlimited tools to enhance your ROI.