Amazon has become very popular as consumers make their buying decisions on this platform, adding significant value. If you have a business and like to sell your products and acquire global customers, you may hear about the Amazon Seller Central, which helps you achieve your e-commerce business goals.

Amazon Seller Central overview

Amazon Seller Central is an interface for the sellers to market, sell and manage their product sales journeys. It can be your virtual store’s office. It keeps all your transaction records and gives you track of sales, refunds, and payments seamlessly. The application provides the order tracking, monitor inventory, organize distribution strategies and helps you advertise products.

Seller Central Amazon- Features

Simple product uploads

Seller central allows bulk product uploads via upload. You can also create a custom inventory template that will enable you to add all the products.

Efficient inventory management

Once the product listing is successful, you can access the inventory management feature that keeps your stock on track. You can manage FBA inventory that was sold and fulfilled by Amazon.

Inventory reports

The robust inventory reporting feature gives you access to the different reports to select the type of reports you want to go through.

Order management

Seller Central helps you manage all the orders that your customers place. You can access all the orders, apply filters, check the shipment status, and efficiently manage the entire order. You can also check the order reports and schedule them to receive automatic updates on the order information.

Returns management

Sometimes, customers might send an item back to you. You can manage the returns on Amazon Seller Central and can track them based on the order number. Filter the returns based on the status, period, or sales channel they came through.

Performance management

Amazon Seller Central lets you analyze your performance basing on the shipping of products in time, customer service, and product policy compliances. You can track overall performance in detail with a bird-eye view.

Sales metrics

Sales metrics help you have a detailed view of the total sales you have made over some time, and it gives comprehensive data on your sales performance.

Customer reviews

Customer feedback is the essential thing that every seller should consider to improve product quality and credibility. The feedback manager on seller central Amazon helps you manage and check the ratings at different stages.


Seller Central offers different features that allow you to give discounted prices on specific products to encourage your customers to buy. The features like campaign manager and enhanced brand content will enable you to run digital ads for the targeted audience.


You can create coupons over advertising on selected products and offer attractive discounted prices to your customers.

Amazon Seller Central – Pricing

Monthly Subscription plans: - Includes Professional and Individual Selling Plans

  • Professional Selling Plan-SD $39.99 per month
  • Individual Selling Plan –No Subscription fee

Per-Item Fees: - Includes Professional and Individual Sellers

  • Professional Sellers: no per-item fee
  • Individual Sellers: USD 0.99 fee for each item sold

Referral Fees: -
Depends on the per-item price and vary basing on the category.

Check out detailed pricing plans here.

Amazon Seller Central integrations

You can do more with the Amazon Seller Central by integrating thousands of popular apps to automate and ease your workflow and control your Seller Central.

  • Salesforce – Create Salesforce contacts from new Amazon Seller Central orders
  • Zoho Books – Add new Amazon Seller Central orders to Zoho Books as Invoices
  • Xero – Create invoices using Xero from Seller Central orders
  • Google Sheets – Create Google Sheet rows for new orders in Seller Central
  • Slack – Send Slack channel messages for new Amazon Seller Central orders


Amazon Seller Central has become the most used platform as it offers the most prominent online marketplace for businesses of all sizes. It looks a bit tough at first because of its setup and requirements. But, managing the entire inventory, customer feedback, metrics, and shipments from the centralized dashboard is convenient.

Once you have complete knowledge of Amazon Seller Central, you can automate the workflow to make it even more straightforward using the Quickwork Amazon Seller Central Integrations.

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