If you work in sales, chances are good that at some point, you wished you had a personal assistant. It can be tough to remember everything on your schedule and what you need to do next with all of the calls and meetings.

What is Cloze?

Cloze is a cloud-based, mobile CRM designed for modern business. It integrates with the apps you use every day and has a dedicated hub for all your most valuable information.

Cloze is your new personal assistant. It's a smart CRM that has a built-in AI assistant. Cloze makes the sales process easier by managing relationships with prospects and customers. Not only does it help you remember important details, but Cloze can help you provide a personalized experience.

Cloze features

Cloze is pleasing to the eyes. Not only is its interface simple – it’s colorful and enjoyable to stare at. This is a huge plus for those who spend their days at their computer screens.

But we're reluctant to judge a book by its cover – so what does Cloze do? Let’s take a closer look.

1. Eliminates data entry

2. Sends automated reminders

3. Improves team collaboration

4. Prepares you for meetings

This app is a personal assistant in your pocket. How is it possible? Essentially, cloze automatically tracks all your emails, phone calls, meetings, and documents. Plus, it organizes them for you by contact, company, meeting, and more. It’s really like having an incredibly organized personal assistant!

Cloze has created something really special. It's an algorithm, which automatically learns who is important to you. It'll prompt you to make contact when necessary, which can be really helpful when it comes to pipeline management. Cloze also provides full context before a meeting or call, so you are prepared. It'll even remind you of what you were up to last based on the context from notes, documents, emails, and more.

Cloze pricing

Cloze offers four pricing plans, with a free trial available for each. The cheapest pricing tier is perfect for smaller businesses, but are you getting the best value? Let's take a look.

  1. Cloze Pro: $17/mo billed annually or $19.99 month-to-month
  2. Business Silver: $21/user/mo billed annually or $24.99 month-to-month
  3. Business Gold: $29/user/mo billed annually or $34.99 month-to-month
  4. Business Platinum: $42/user/mo billed annually or $49.99 month-to-month

Setting up your CRM is a breeze with our integration with Cloze. Here are a few of the most popular automation to get more out of Cloze:

  • Add new Cloze contacts to a list on Mailchimp
  • Get new Facebook Lead Ad leads in Cloze
  • Add new Cloze list members as FreshBooks clients
  • Add new Salesforce leads to Cloze as people

Check out Cloze app page


Cloze software is an easy-to-use, mobile, and versatile business management system that will streamline your workload and help you get the most out of your contacts and staff. Cloze offers a free plan for its software, but it does come with limitations.

Put simply, Cloze is the perfect CRM for SMBs. Large businesses might need more innovative features though, like Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce.

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