Every business operates and relies on the set of workflows between the departments.  If these businesses' processes are on the right line, they can succeed at every point in their journey. It will disturb the entire process and even land the businesses into certain disturbances and even huge losses. Companies should focus on implementing technology in their business processes to simplify the workflows, reduce operational costs, and improve overall productivity to avoid these situations.

You may wonder how many small, and medium-scale businesses and enterprises will use business process automation in 2021.

According to the McKinsey & Co research reports, over 40% of businesses are implementing the BPA, and 16% of companies have no BPA plans in mind. Yet, many of their counterparts used business automation trends in 2021 to leverage the workflow automation and iPaaS platforms today.

Here are the top business automation trends 2021 you may be interested

RPA and automated bots

Robotic process automation or RPA has its mark in the business value preposition especially post the pandemic. It helps a lot in the healthcare sector in facilitating staff shortages and minimizing in-person content during and post the pandemic today. As businesses switched to the remote working culture during the recession, it increased the need to adopt RPA and workflow automation with no code bots. The bot automation allows SMBS and enterprises to quickly cut down the manual work, recurring tasks, and others by delivering a better ROI.

On the other hand, no code bots automation has become a part of the enterprise solutions today to set a stage for the citizen development movement. It increases the non-technical employee's capability in automating the business workflows.

No code automation platforms

In 2021, we are observing more and more businesses investing in the no code workflow automation solutions for their businesses. The no code model allows the non-developers to build custom business applications and automate workflows most efficiently.  The popular iPaaS platforms for workflow management software provide the best user interface and user-friendly operations for the non-technical people in building the workflows. Apart from the no code bots, these no code workflow automation platforms (iPaaS) and automation tools leverage the IT resources and overall business processes today with no code automation.

Hyper automation

Hyper automation refers to the automation of knowledge-based processes in enterprises using the robotic process automation model and artificial Intelligence. However, hyper-automation does not depend on the bots; instead, it mainly involves human and machine interactions. The enterprises are moving away from random automation technologies; instead, they prefer more customized automation solutions.

According to the Gartner survey, at least three out of twenty processes agnostic software enables hyper-automation by 2024. It predominantly maps the tools and enhances the business activities.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial Intelligence enabled by machine learning technology stimulates and studies human behavior and responds spontaneously with the conversations. While machine learning allows automatically learning from the past data without explicating the program. The combination of  AI and machine learning has a vast scope in automating business workflows. AI is integrated everywhere in 2021; everything is powered with AI, from search engines to social media platforms.

According to recent research reports, 90% of the automation technologists are stepping back for upcoming challenges introduced in AI and innovative machine technologies that indicate skill limitations.

Cloud automation

The cloud automation technologies aim to alleviate the pain points connected with the manual labor and the time spent by the employee in provisioning and managing the cloud workloads and the services. Cloud automation also delivers great business value in operational cost reductions, consistent deployment, and overall resilience and security. It also improves the back processes in the business workflows.

According to the Flexera report, 2021, it is revealed that 92% of enterprises are embracing the multi-cloud strategies, and about 61% want to optimize them.

Wrapping it up

By determining the key areas, your business workflows and processes can be simplified and improved using the best workflow automation platform- iPaaS in 2021 and beyond. It helps in enhancing the overall productivity, consistency and increases the business profits. We suggest you choose the no code model from the above trends. It gives you the flexibility in developing the new builds to automate workflows, establish better collaboration, efficiency, and improve the overall performance of your business process workflows.