Every day there are dozens of tasks that are on our plate. Sending emails updating records, analysis, or sharing links on Slack and many others. Remember that it may be essential to do these tasks, but most of the work that makes up our daily routines needs automation that saves much time and helps you manage the workflows more efficiently.

Automating a tedious task has become as simple as finding the best tutorial and building a quick journey. Though no code automation platforms are available and accessible to all, many businesses are still hesitant to automate day-to-day tasks. The common reason behind this is that people are worried about how automation will change their work responsibilities.

They are correct, but automation changes how you do it. The good thing is that those changes turn your work more productive and efficient when you target the right tasks for automation. If you are looking for the best workflow management platform, check out the top 5 features that every workflow automation platform should have today.

#1 Simplified UI

You don’t need to have an in-depth knowledge of how to program to utilize the workflow software. Always choose a solution that offers the most user-friendly graphical interface in which you can drag and drop the workflow elements from a unified interface quickly.

#2 Powerful Integrations

The workflow automation platform should have the simple drag and drop application feature. It should be very helpful in managing the workflows without writing a single line of code. Choose a platform that offers thousands of consumers AI, analytics, messaging, and IoT applications to automate workflows seamlessly. Also, look for the real-time formula engine, simple polling, accessible branching operators, and Error monitoring features.

#3 Automatic Notifications

The platform should allow you to send automatic notifications as no one has enough time to check the workflow to see the input. The forum or software you choose should create automated reports for the participants when their information is needed. So, everyone in the team will be in the loop, and the workflows can proceed with greater efficiency.

#4 API Management

The best workflow automation platform allows you to convert any workflow into an API within a single click. Always choose the platform which can secure the APIs with built-in authentication mechanisms and scale elastically with your server-less infrastructure. It should also allow you to connect with the analytics, client and access profiles, API key, and OAuth support. The platform should also have Elastic scalability, IP whitelisting, CORS, Rate limiting, and quota management features that make it more efficient for your workflows automation.

#5  Conversation Management

The workflow management software or the top workflow automation tools with the conversation management feature benefit your company. Work management can be accelerated if the communication or conversations are managed flawlessly. Always choose the workflow management platform which allows you to build, manage the real-time conversational messaging workflows with human agents, Chatbots, and IoT devices across different channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Slack, etc. the platform should have real-time triggers, analytics, context handling, multi-channel, NLP support and human-agent handover features to improve the overall capability of the platform.

Summing It Up

The right workflow automation software helps teams kick-start the tasks and projects on time. Most workflow automation tools like Quickwork provide the real-time, no coding platform to start the automation journey. It does not require any technical knowledge to build integration and automation with multiple app options to work seamlessly. If you are researching the best workflow automation tools, we suggest you try the Quickwork platform, which offers the most competitive price in the integration and automation industry.