What if you have limited access to the data or the website you need data from doesn’t have an API?

How can you retrieve data from poorly structured data sources?

Are you able to manage the Web RPA?

All the above three processes can be achieved through one platform, ‘Apify.’

Let’s dive into the details.

What is Apify?

Apify helps in transforming any website into an API. It supports web scraping and crawling across arbitrary websites, and it extracts the structured data and exports it to Excel, CSV, or JSON formats. It also supports manual workflow automation and the necessary processes across the web. Almost everything Apify offers is centered around the ‘Actors’ cloud programs used to scrape web pages, process data, and automate workflows and beyond.

Products and features of Apify


Actors are a computing platform that allows you to develop, run and share server-less cloud programs.


·        Open source code and host the code anywhere

·        Online code editor with syntax highlights

·        Actors run periodically at any arbitrary time

·        Custom memory and CPU

·        Docker Support

·        Ready to scale


·        Provide hundreds of actors

·        Allows publishing your actors

·        Provides open-source projects live presence in the cloud


Proxy is a universal HTTP proxy to hide the origin of web scrapers using both datacentre and residential IP addresses.


·        Specially designed for the web scraping and crawling

·        Enterprise-grade reliability in performance and scalability

·        The data store can be accessed on the web and provide a quick way to review

·        API, SDK of Apify is easy to integrate


·        Combines the data centre and the residential IPs

·        Provides access to residential data center IP addresses

·        It helps find the right balance between the performance and cost for web crawling bots


Storage is specialized data storage that manages the web scraping jobs and saves the results. It also helps export them in different formats like CSV, Excel, or JSON.

Features and Benefits

·        Apify provides low-cost storage that is perfectly designed for operations.

·        High availability of resources and peace of mind

·        Apify API and SDK simplifies the integration and storage into your apps

·        The dataset stores the results from the web scraping, crawling, and processing of data into Apify datasets

·        The advanced formatting and filtering options help integrate datasets into the data pipeline.

·        The request queue helps query whether specific URLs are found and push new URLs to the line.

·        The critical value store stores the arbitrary data records and MIME content type.

Services Pricing

Apify offers four different pricing models for the users.

·        Free - $0 per month

·        Personal – $49 per month - Cost-effective plan for freelancers, developers, and students

·        Team –$499 per month - Ideal for small groups working together on projects

·        Enterprise -  A customized package for your scale where enterprises can upgrade anytime


Apify connects with any cloud service or web app. It is very beneficial to process and analyze the results to get better data insights. To receive automatic emails and upload new contacts to CRM, you need to integrate Apify solutions with your regular app flows to make it even more beneficial. Go ahead and connect with the Quickwork automation platform. Unlock, explore the possibilities with the best workflow automation platform.