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Here is something you should know, Aircall – Cloud-based phone system

Let’s dive into its features

What is Aircall?

Communication is imperative for establishing prospects, customers, co-workers, and applications. Aircall is the best business solution which is a kind of cloud-based phone system that provides all the help desk tools. It is the best call center solution for modern businesses as you don’t need physical phone lines to establish the entire support team.

Features of Aircall

Phone System in Aircall

Toll-free, international numbers, and routing

Aircall lets you create instant toll-free numbers in the local area code or any other region for your business operations. You can claim the local and international numbers across 100+ countries.

Scheduling, voicemail, and IVR

Set up customized schedules to confirm the available numbers to receive the calls. The voicemail lets you record, upload, and write a customized message to greet the callers. The smart IVR directory automatically guides the callers towards the right team.

Extensions, blocklists, virtual call center, and business text messaging

Users can assign the personalized three-digit extension to their colleagues. Eliminate the spam callers and bots to focus more on the business conversations. It gives you access to all the numbers and users in one place even if they belong to different regions.

Collaboration features

Shared contacts, inbox, and warm transfer

Aircall lets you create selected contacts and provides a shared call inbox. It also allows one to communicate quickly before the live call gets transferred. The computer telephony integration lets you customize the workflows and improves team productivity. Webhooks and API connect the phone system with the standard tools to build a customized workflow.

Simplified integration

Aircall offers simple integration with just a single click. The system was designed so that you can build the workflows with ease. It supports the best workflow automation and integrations with Aircall for your business processes.

Comprehensive dashboard

Aircall has a comprehensive dashboard to manage the support teams and sales teams in one place. The live feed feature in Aircall also helps you monitor the team activities and live call recording and listening feature. The app also gives you access to the analytics, filtering option that allows monitoring the operations going through the call center.

Pricing details

Aircall is offering three different kinds of plans for the users. The essentials or basic plan comes at $30 per month per user. It includes call recording, ring groups, instant dial numbers, parallel calls, click to dial, conference calls.


The professional plan comes with $50 per user per month with advanced solutions that help in boosting productivity and performance.

Customized plan

The customized plan aligns with all the business needs, including professional plan features and beyond.

Final words

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