Xero is a cloud accounting software that can help manage your business from anywhere. Designed specifically for small businesses, Xero offers the tools to run your company efficiently while allowing you to stay on top of business performance — no accountants needed.

At its core, Xero is a powerful accounting system that’s simple for small businesses to use but packed with features that are incredibly useful for larger companies. It’s all you need to run your business.

Of all the features it offers, the most important is the capacity to integrate with dozens of apps. These include receipts and mileage tracking, stock management, point of sale systems and payment processing, and time management. It allows you to schedule and organizes tasks around the accounting processes that you need to get done. It automatically synchronizes all your transactions, and it makes it easy to review expense reports and much more.


The Xero accounting software is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. It allows companies to easily track sales, inventory, and expenses. The software has the ability to track several currencies in addition to USD. It also has a robust set of features such as invoicing, inventory management, and bill payment that can be used for any size company.

Applications you can connect with Xero:

  1. Stripe: Create Xero invoices for new Stripe charges
  2. PayPal: Create new Xero invoices for new PayPal sales
  3. Pipedrive: Create Xero invoices when new Pipedrive deals reach certain stages
  4. Slack: Get Slack alert messages for new Xero invoices
  5. WooCommerce: Create Xero invoices for new WooCommerce orders
  6. Mailchimp: Add new Mailchimp subscribers from new contacts in Xero

There's a lot more that you can achieve with Xero and Quickwork integration. To check the triggers and actions available with Xero, click here, and we will take you to the application page. If you wish to simplify your processes or just wish to understand how we can be helpful in growing your business, chat with us today!