The way consumers interact with businesses has changed drastically over the years, and keeping them satisfied and happy has become non negotiable.. Consumers have embraced the digital transformation, and providing them with quicker and creative solutions to their problems can help you deliver a more enriched customer experience. The customer support team is often tied up dealing with the influx of queries coming in from consumers, many of which are repetitive in nature. Using existing applications and APIs you can automate your customer support, allowing your executives to focus on more personalized issues, and automate the repetitive tasks.

Here are 5 Ways automation can enhance your customer interactions

APIs make it easy for businesses to extract and share data from one application to another. This can be applied to solve various issues faced by customer support teams on a daily business.

  1. Reduce cart abandonment: Consumers are guilty of window shopping online as a form of procrastination, but many times all it takes is an extra nudge from the businesses  to get customers, to close the deal, and complete the purchase.  By integrating your email service/ messaging service with your website hosting platform, you can directly send customers an email or a text message anytime they abandon their cart. This message can entail a limited offer or simply be a reminder to check out their items.

Benefits of this workflow

  • Higher conversions to sales
  • The whole process is automated hence customers receive the message at regular set intervals.

2. Provide Knowledge Basis: Customers want instant solutions and will often look for the solution on your website before contacting customer support. Providing an enriched knowledge base to your customers can help you solve a lot of repetitive customer queries. Using automation you can create a website chatbot that allows your customers to find frequently asked questions, articles, videos and other resources on your website by simply searching for their query.

Benefits of this workflow

  • Customers spend more time on your website.
  • Reduces need for human intervention.

3. Provide Personalised Customer Interactions: Automation allows you to leverage your data and analytics. Use customer information like past purchase history, and website behaviour to segment your customers and create basic templates based on your customer personas. This way you can add a friendly and more customized touch to your business communication.

Benefits of the workflow

  • Utilization of your website data and analytics.
  • Higher chances of customers reading a personalized mail.

4. Automate customer messages using AI: Filtering through customer messages can be a cumbersome process. Streamline this with the help of AI technology, and conduct sentiment analysis to detect whether a message is positive, negative or neutral in nature. Once detected you can use automation to filter and store these comments in your customer support application or spreadsheets based on it’s tone, making it easier for your customer support staff to view and reply to them.

Benefits of the workflow

  • Customer support executives can quickly respond to messages based on its nature.
  • Saves time and effort of filtering through multiple messages manually.
  • Easier to track overall customer satisfaction.

5. Provide hybrid customer support: Nothing is worse than being put on hold for hours waiting for customer care, or filtering through automated responses and not finding your solution. A completely manual or completely automated customer support system isn't the solution. In order to enhance customer interactions, automation and humans need to work hand in hand. Automation can help businesses create a customer care system that allows human and automation to switch back and forth with ease. This way consumers can navigate through basic problems on their own, and still have access to human support if needed.

Benefits of the workflow

  • Lesser wait time
  • Reduces manual workload
  • Optimal utilization of resources
  • Saves cost

The longer you make your customers wait for help, the more likely they are to switch to a rival brand in the future. Get in touch with us to digitally transform and enhance your customer interactions, and watch your customer retention rate grow.