ApiFlash is the best screenshot API software for all modern businesses to utilize and enhance their products. It is an underlying platform that is built over Chrome and AWS Lambda to ensure scalability, cost-effectiveness and stability. More than 200 businesses are utilizing ApiFlash. It is considered the most prominent screenshot APIs in the market.

Features of ApiFlash

Chrome rendering

Updates Chrome Instances to make pixel-perfect screenshots which ensure the support for all the modern web features

Stable and scalable

It provides a scalable infrastructure that is built on the top of AWS Lambda that stabilizes the heavy workloads.


The ApiFlash offers full-on HTTPS endpoints for all plans. It ensures better security and privacy of the user’s data very seriously.

Responsive and full-page capture

The parameters help in capturing the full page screenshots, mobile device screenshots. It also controls the viewport size of the screenshot

Fast and simple

It is the best and easy to use API with good endpoints that are documented well. Its automatic time capturing detects the fully loaded pages before capturing the screenshot.

Advantages of ApiFlash

It comes with comprehensive documentation and is more friendly in terms of navigation.

It supports PHP, Python, Ruby and more.

Accessing the code examples is much easier on ApiFlash as it has a code switcher feature.

ApiFlash is easy to use as it provides the single sign-on option to log in using email.

It provides more information like API usage statistics and the last 30-days behaviour history along with the last API call details.

Users can utilize API requests using the different parameters.

The customer support is limited to a free plan, whereas the paid plans have unlimited support.

It provides both live chat and email support to its users.

Pricing details

ApiFlash offers its customers five different plans

Free plan - $0/month

It provides 100 screenshots of full-page and mobile. It provides basic support.

Lite plan - $7/month

ApiFlash offers 1,000 screenshots with priority support and CSS injection.

Medium plan - $35/month

Under this plan, users can take 10,000 screenshots that cover full-page mobile screenshots. It provides CSS and JS injection.

Large Plan - $180/month

It also offers 100,000 screenshots with exclusive premium support, CSS and JS injection.

Custom Enterprise Plan

Offers customized plans for the enterprises based on their needs or requirements. The platform offers all the features of a large plan along with top priority support, managed proxies and IP geolocation.

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