We all want to work on the stuff that helps our business matters, don't we?

Being a part of the marketing team, I know the bottlenecks that a digital marketer is experiencing today. When observed at a high level, I realised that digital marketers could save time and money if they automated the critical digital marketing processes.

There might be millions of information about expert strategy, tips, and tricks when you search about digital marketing strategies.

Well, do you implement all the strategies?

Are they working fine? What are the roadblocks?
When I asked my team, they said repetitive tasks, redundant processes, lead generation capturing, email campaigns, tracking, reporting, and customer service are experiencing significant blockers.

Here, if you observe, the problems are not the strategies but the workflows or processes associated with the strategy.

Let's put on a seat belt to experience a smooth ride towards digital marketing and how data, automation, AI, and analytics play a vital role in today's world.

Effect of pandemic on marketing

We all complete more than a year of struggling with Covid-19 that has drastically changed many lives.

The past two years were challenging for all of us. Even established companies found it tough to push through the pandemic, and digital marketing agencies are not exempted from this scenario.

It’s our human nature to adapt to the changes with time. Businesses started operating remotely and transformed their approach towards marketing.

Post pandemic marketing environment

Innumerable organizations have achieved digital transformation over the last few years, which leveraged digital networking better.

The user experience has become highly critical for online presence as customer expectations hit the roof and companies need to accelerate the digital transformation. The usage of AI and analytics helps them to get the accurate scenario and become the foundation to an insightful digital marketing and social channel decisions. here is no going back.

Today, every brand competes very hard to develop the latest marketing strategies for every customer. Brands will not be the competition; it will be the experience in competing, so the personalization of strategy and messaging are a big win-win today.

Technology, data, and digital marketing

While the technology stack helps brands get their numbers in terms of marketing processes, the real thing is the strategy that plays a vital role. The data provides brief insights and enables those insights into actionable plans. Technology stacks by themselves don't deliver value.

Pandemic left an indelible impact on the marketing strategies,' but one could certainly say this change may lead to impactful marketing strategy. Today, marketing is entirely a new flavour. It is a gentle blend of strategy, values, and technologies that provides customized solutions and services

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is an application of technology in marketing workflows. If you are expecting a broader level view, marketing automation enables the transmission of relevant customer information and the localization of the customer along the customer journey.

It helps deliver the appropriate information at the right time and helps maintain long-term relationship and trust between customers and the brand. It improves the overall operational efficiency and performance.

Marketing automation is the future for businesses to transform themselves digitally and embrace the benefits of technology. Using marketing automation makes it possible to acquire the customers as early as possible in the customer journey as a part of lead generation.

Digital Marketing - The future of analytics and AI

According to the reputed research organization, Mckinsey, data and analytics are transformational and still companies are capturing only a fraction of its value. Business has to rethink the implementation of AI and data analytics with a strategic vision.

As a business leader, you should analyze what type of data and analytics you can use and how it will drive value and solve problems in generating, collecting, and organizing data. Any incumbents struggle to switch from legacy to modern architecture. But, if there is a clear understanding of the goals and objectives of your business, the data analytics and AI will completely transform your business to the next level in future

The era of no code tools or no code platforms

Did you know?

You can build websites, analyze the intricate data, create automation logic, integrate different apps, and manage loads of content without writing code.

What you read is correct!

The no code tools or no code automation platforms are at the top of the choice for marketers today. It is revolutionizing marketing technology powered by AI. Technical knowledge is open to every marketer today. Thanks to no code platforms.

During the training sessions when I joined, I felt that a marketer could benefit from learning and undergoing training sessions in automation journeys. Later I wondered how the beauty of automation could simplify complex journeys and mundane repetitive processes. I realized that nothing gets wasted if you learn something new, innovative in high demand.

I know how AI is ruling almost every domain today. To my curiosity, I started diving into the many case studies that the technology and marketing teams have achieved so far in different fields and have picked some compelling use cases for you.

The need to build digital marketing strategies powered by automation

Strategies are the heart and soul of digital marketing, but what if they are taking more time, money and are not scalable enough? There is no point in implementing the strategy, isn't it?

How does data analytics automation help marketing companies?

A market research company helped its NGO client using no code automation. The market research company had several roadblocks in collecting the data from multiple sources. Duplicates and lead leakage are the major things to concern. They have automated the lead management processes and efficiently scaled the leads and provided a better solution to its client.

Automation is not just for lead management but also helps digital marketing companies in several aspects. When I asked my tech team what else can be automated for digital marketing, they narrated one more experience with me.

It's about a digital marketing agency handling e-commerce and other clients related to multiple domains. The company handles the cross-sell and up-sell targeting the existing customers of their client. But they want to use data and analytics for that process which is very time-consuming and hard to scale.

My tech team has created and stored all the essential information in the CMS so that whenever a purchase is made from the website it automates the storing process. The essential stored information is moved to an analytical tool to draw rich insights. They also implemented customer tagging to relevant products where they can draw insights and run focused marketing campaigns.

With the intermediate level knowledge in automating journeys, with my curiosity I asked my team what technology stack is integrated with this case. They said almost everything they use for CMS, Analytical tools and Email marketing clients. Amazing isn't it?

There are many such use cases in the records which I started diving into and found how my team improved customer retention for increasing revenue and customer lifetime value.

Let me tell you in a quick snap!

The client is losing their customers, and they are not sure what their customers like and dislike about their product or services. My team figured out the entire journey involved in the process.

They implemented product analytics tools to get early insights into customer usage patterns. The team has tagged the customers in the CRM with relevant data points that are identified.

They re-engaged the tagged customers with personalized email campaigns, sending out customer feedback surveys based on their behavior and time.

The above process was completely automated by integrating the product analytics, CRM, and email marketing stack that client was using.

As a result, clients saved much time, enhanced the revenue, reduced the risk, and helped them to make better decisions with clear insights.

I embraced automation and its amazing benefits to various businesses by reducing redundancies and improving operational efficiency and revenue streams. It's time for your business to rethink automating your workflows or processes with the best no code automation platform to reap the never-ending benefits.

Thinking about which business area you need to automate?

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