Are you a research associate or a non-profit looking for a beneficial grant?

Want to reduce the time for application and streamline the process?

Grant application software will be the right solution for your problem!

Grants are the most crucial source for non-profits to get the funding that helps more people to serve communities. Obtaining grants is equally important, just like receiving donations from individuals and businesses. Grants can be offered either by local and federal government entities or corporations. Applying the grants takes a lot of time, paperwork, and effort. Organizations that provide grants want to ensure that they are funding the non-profits that are good and reliable. It is essential to invest in the grant management software to streamline searching for grants.

Grant application software

The grant application software is a tool that helps organizations to manage all the things that are related to the grants. The software allows organizations to track all the information with a particular assignment. This software streamlines the application process in a better way. One such app is  ‘Altum App.’

Altum App

Altum provides safe and reliable services related to advancement in research. Altum provides services like empowering funders, connecting research communities, and improving grant-making beyond the award. Altum helps in funding researchers, different organizations, and research institutions to connect and collaborate, thus accelerating the research outcomes.

Products of Altum

Altum platform offers various products for Funders, researchers, Institutions along with key features like Altum insights and Altum Analytics. Here is the list of products that the platform provides.

Proposal Central for funding

ProposalCentral streamlines the complete grants management process right from the application to award enables the organizations to make smarter investment decisions that enhance the funding ROI.

·        It provides intelligent and easy grants management where funders can manage the entire grants

·        Streamlines the workflows and AI-based decision support tools.

·        Identifies the rising stars in the entire research ecosystem

·        Provides transparent reporting to the donors and boards

·        Collaborate across the research ecosystem

Altum Insights supports the search and discovery

A deep text search and visualization tool helps explore the impact of grants and awardees across the research lifecycle.

·        Attracts funding to accelerate mission

·        Visualize the network of relationships between the programs, grants, and publications

·        Leverages the knowledge for future programs

·        It helps in elevating the impact of funding

Altum Analytics

Altum Analytics platform empowers the funders to make better decisions. It is a cloud reporting platform with predefined dashboards where they can explore the funding data and benchmark the performance to make informed decisions.

·        Funding performance at the fingertips

·        The predefined dashboards provide utmost visibility into the grants, help understand the performance, and help funders make better decisions.

·        Benchmark your organization by comparing the grant-making performance with analytics.

·        Predefined dashboards and reports help aggregate and summarize the grant's data and covers.

Integrate and Automate Altum Software using the Quickwork platform

Quickwork platform is mainly pitched with democratizing the automation for social good. One can connect with over 1000+ apps seamlessly and automate the workflows to save a lot of time and money. Integrate and automate the Altum platform into your existing research funding workflows and simplify the Quickwork platform process.

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